Thursday, November 29, 2007

Male, Female and other Alien Thoughts

So many of my girlfriends find themselves wanting to be in love and then hating the results. Why is this? Why do they make the same mistake?

The Male desired. Girlfriends, you all want a man with balls but you don't want the brains that come with them. The man you choose is the kind of man who comes with concept of being UNCONTROLLABLY CONTROLLED. What does this mean? Look, in so many everyday areas a man is uncontrolled in contrast to women. Look how they dress. How they groom. The sheets on their beds. But look closer and you will often see the markings of 'anal retentative' behavior which we define as 'boring'.. Move his (yes his) remote and this will start his engine. Try to put something personal in his car. Go use one of his tools. However they want to control the environment around them including their woman. They do this by manuvering us into being chattel rather then partners. And we often feel bullied (and truth.....we do plenty of our own bullying and our tears are weapons as far as a man is concerned) which we react negatively too. Our reaction is natural for us but seem unnatural for him.

Us, the Female. We live an CONTROLLABLY UNCONTROLLEDlife. Counterpoint to man. We spend hours finding outfits that are expressive of our moment. Of course, shoes to match. Grooming duties that are forever time consuming. Floral arrangements. We are uncontrollably rearranging everything we control all the time. Never sure our path taken was the best one so we think, "should we try something different?" Let's go to the 'biker club' and see what is happening there. As much as wanting to be the submissive bedroom slut, when we are outside the bedroom we do not want to be controlled. We want safety and comfort and we trade nuturing and tears for that. But, we don't want to be controlled otherwise. We wish unpredictable lives within the confines of the safety and comfort net we created.

So, how do we resolve all this. That will be the subject of another blog.

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