Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weighing the Holidays

The holidays (hmmm why is this an exception and not holidaies---brain stop) are already pushing the pounds on me. Another month and I'll baloon into a size 14.

Is it the Bailey's? The chocolates? The cakes? Could it be all of this and also all the rest of the stuff that my mouth craves as I go from one party to another?

I'm still doing Pilates three days a week. Parking my car at the far end of the lot. Thinking my tummy smaller. Shouldn't that be enough

Apparently NOT............anyone else fighting the holiday weigh in?

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hicktowndiva said...

Hmm...more the post-preggo weigh-in, but I'm fighting it! I'm sorry I missed your RL visit to town on Sat. with Hugh--hope that you had a great time, and I'm enjoying your blog.
RL Lauren in small town TN