Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Enough Should Be Enough

What is happening in FirstLife? I cannot understand how so many people have been convinced they never have enough. And, who is to blame............hmmmmm....let's see....all the political players first comment to their countryfellows is to say, "go out and shop."

9/11 came and what was our answer. Fly, take a vacation, buy yourself something you don't need. Oh, yes we are going to war but btw don't let that stop you from shopping. Fill your house with crap you don't use and when that house is full buy a bigger one and throw out what you have so you can have new crap you won't use.

So, if we all could look back at when we were intelligent (that's about when we were 14) and remember what we thought 'enough' may be; I think many of us would find out we won the game.

And what does this mean. Once you know you have enough you begin to think of others. You begin to realize how wonderful other people are in your everyday life. Example: I go to the supermarket and I reach the checkout line. Besides being polite and acknowledging to the checkout person. I usually ask the question, "do you know why we don't live 450 years". There is always a quizzical look. I then reply, "who could do this job for another 420 years". Always get a smile. Usually a laugh. A sense of comaraderie occurs and just like secondlife intelligence is shared.

So, do I have enough. Yes, because I don't need much. I've reduced the number of plates in my cupboard by a methodology called divorce. Everything I had is now somwhere between 10% to 50% of before. And guess what, i still have crap to get rid of.

As this year comes to a close, take stock of what you have, what you want and what could be enough. One thing I never seem to have enough of is the friendship and laughter of you who are reading this and those friends who would think that I, Lauren, am definitely enough.

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Pine said...

Nice jacket! Where can I get one in SL?