Saturday, February 27, 2010

Come and hear LaurenLive 1pm SLT (bikini wear) before Tauri Tigerpaw is singing.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ups and Downs

This blog is really about Lushae Jewelry and that's the big up but more on Lushae in a moment.

Both happened yesterday. Last night I competed in the Third World Asylum comedy contest and I did not win. Am I a bit emotional about losing....yes. But, it also taught me a valuable lesson. Whether my comedy is better or not is not why I do it. It's because I hope I make you laugh. You are why I perform coupled with my joy (read that blond bimbo ego). So, I've decided I will not take part in any comedic contests ever again (I compete enough in firstlife) nor will I perform before, during or after another comic. Instead I will remain independent and hope LaurenLive will continue into it's Fourth Year this June.

Now for the big UP!

Last night I received an email right after I performed. It was from Sarah of Lushae Jewelers (a firstlife company) asking if I would be willing to try one of her pieces and if I liked it to put it in my blog. Now there is nothing a girl likes more then jewelry. (well I guess there are plenty of other things but jewels are good.)

So, I want you all to help me choose and if any of you buy something please let me know what you think of it. Right now I'm stuck on the pendant page The link is the one above or follow this

I am really torn between so many of these pieces. Which should I try?
Leaf and Aqua Marquise
Antique Fleur De Lis
CZ Palm Tree Pendant
Summer Bouquet
(OMG I could list six more I love)
There are Dangle Earrings,Jingle Dangles CZ Earrings
Sterling Silver Flower Bud Sterling Silver Princess Studs , Rings 9 pages worth (forget the promise rings I've already been married so that's out)


And when it arrives it will be so thrilling to open up the box and see Sarah's work and of course to write a blog on the actual piece. THIS IS MY BIG in an incredible way I won last night.

Oh, and thank you all so much for coming last night

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

(4:30pm SLT) for Open Mic and the wild tales (or is it spealled tale?) .TONIGHT

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Switching Places

This is one of the more interesting projects I've come across

Gracie Kendal in SecondLife will switch places with her firstlife handler Kristine Schomaker. This is amazing since Kris is physically different. Hair, weight, risk etc. So when they switch many changes will take place.

Kris will dye her hair. Have a nose piercing. Change her diet to lose weight.

Now if you don't know Gracie/Kris she is an artist but I think you should take time to get to know this project. What would you be like (you in SL) if you suddenly were thrust into Firstlife?

What would your friends list look like?
Where would you shop?

Also, please go to kris blog and give her suggestions. Perhaps even help to support her.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am at MMIF showing over 50 machinimas. I am hosting at 7:30pm SLT

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tonight - 4:20 SLT LaurenLive Do you need a giggle?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Profile for Lauren Weyland (lauren) | Treet TV

Profile for Lauren Weyland (lauren) | Treet TV

Where in the World is Lauren

Do you wonder where I am or what I am doing? Probably not but I'm still going to blog it. There is no joy in trying to wear a bikini in February. Especially when those prim marks from bearing little Lula make one's skin look like it's been hastily brushed in 'silverfish.'

The good news is the bra of a black bikini can always be squeezed a bit to almost increase a cup size which is quite a good look in the firstlife 'emerald' viewer. This particular swimsuit is a favorite. A reminder when everything under the skin knew exactly how to hold itself in place with the grace of an exotic gazelle.

The suit is black with red (almost invisible) stitching. The top has a nice round metal gather in the front and the bottoms are held by two easily untied string bows, one on each side. But this morning I noticed the disturbing white against tan and black (also known as a bikini line or in Brazil as a failure of class.) So this morning I am contemplating going 'topless.'

Well, the rest of them are doing it but I wonder how sensitive my nipples will be after a day of heat from the glorious sun. However, I intend to do this right after my morning breakfast. Today, I've got a wonderful baguette and a chocolate filled pastry. The strong French coffee's aroma has filled the villa's air with sensuous wake-up and I've decided 'butter' known in French as 'beurre' is not fattening. Nor will the morning's cigarette do anything but bring back memories of youth and sweaty love.

There won't be any 'sweaty love' since I am on vacation with a friend and my sweat partner is waiting for me when I return. A twist of fate. But that doesn't preclude one from the recollection of memories. Motorcycle fumes, hot bodies, salt air and a warm sun easily bring these thoughts to my frontal lobes.

Anyhow, this is your girl letting you know I miss you all and want to send you the touch, taste, aroma of sensuality.

Don't forget, I'll be back and on stage February 16th at 4:30pm (sim Tropical Treet) for another "LaurenLive@Treet.TV" but for today I am in my BoDerek 10 mood. Au Revoir Lauren

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm off for a week...hugs to all of you....please leave my shoes alone. Love Ya....Lauren

The Black Chant

As I leave for a week, I would like to leave you another wonderful work by hadjipt and Veronika. I marvel at the craftsmanship and brilliance these two bring to our world and the many other friends I have who also ease their thoughts between pulsating electrons to become pixelated thoughts. Meanwhile, I'll be gone for a week and you'll find I 'wont' go that way."