Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday with Lauren Wednesday, March 31st @ 4:30 SLT bring a friend or lover

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Girls it's time for us to put away our winter clothes and get out our spring dresses. You know what that need to get in shape for SecondLife bikini weather that is just around the corner.

1. Slide bar left (to fit bikini)
2. Shave, Wax, Moisturize
3. Get a new hair style (see below)
4. Get colorful with your clothes and makeup.
5. Don't get pregnant (summer is a terrible time to be in your second or third trimester)

No more eating cake at weddings. No more "I'll just eat the whole box of chocolates." No more, "It's only a pint of ice cream."

Things I'd love to know from those who read this blog.

1. your favorite place to go dance.
2. your favorite sim to go relax

Since I'm going out-of-town till Monday I need to keep this brief but I want you all to know I carry each of you in my heart no matter where I am. And everyday when you are working hard in firstlife either at a job or simply trying your best to get through the travails of life remember let the 'Pixel Power Be With You."

Oh drat, I have to call my stylist and get my prim blond hair colored. I just hate how quickly SL prim hair grows and how expensive the particle dye is. Ooops! Dare I look below?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight soon laugh with Lauren. 4:30pmSTL New Show, same old broad. Treet.TV
Just a reminder. LaurenLive@Treet.TV tonight 4:30pm SLT

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lauren Live open mic Wednesday, March 17th @ 4:30 SLT

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Open Mic tonight at 4:30pm SLT (and please don't forget next Tuesday is Treet.TV and LaurenLive make funny.

I am becoming 'virtually' exhausted. There are now 'virtually' thousands of web sites devoted to avatars colliding and then scattering like neutronlogical pixels. Many have already relegated Plurk to the great unknown only to join Avatar United and soon the embed themselves with

How many electrons are wasted in a day Twittering twitless twitters? There is only one avatar I know who can keep up with all of this and that is Crap Mariner. (Well, Chestnut Rau is working on a title in this category.)

We are on the cutting edge of a pixel brain transplant where the 'physical' world will vanish and our 'virtual' world will mind meld. Borg-Vulcanites conquering vast voids of digital garbage.

More and more I find myself 'sorting.' Sort my inventory. Friends have to sort their avatars. I am so happy I'm not a split-personality. Sort my in-world groups and out-world groups about in-world substance.

Oh well, on to the Fashion Fair. I'm talking SL not the NY Times. Though it would be nice one day to see the NY Times Fashion Magazine devoted entirely to SecondLife Fashion.

Wandering around the fashion fair I noticed blue is the new gray. Slut wear never wears out. Prim shoes are still sold. One size does not fit all. And, I am a compulsive shopper. I have countless dresses still in the cute bags with the shops logo sutffed into the single room elfin house Linden Labs gave me for being such a good girl.

My Linden Home resides on a sim i can't pronounce with many similar unoccupied homes. Perhaps they are second homes and it isn't time for those avatars to take a vacation yet.

Back to the Fashion Fair. I was amazed at how many unfashionable avatars were wandering around the fair till I realized there were enough unfashionable stores to accommodate them all. However, I do like the name and the various builds of the fashion fair and I did buy several new outfits.

BTW...does anyone know if there are SecondLife optometrists? ( I accidentally typed the wrong word and spell check came up with this "Ophthalmologist." I don't have a clue what this specialization is but I think some of us could use a "SLopmylogical" for our 'virtual' sanity.

Fantastic.....I've finally written a blog using my highly developed schizophrenia.

See you tonight.........Love Lauren

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SecondLife Census 2010

The SecondLife census is an important part of Linden fact finding to discern where funds will be spent and on whom. It also helps land management and other planning for the future of our world. So, please make sure when you get your note card next week you answer all the question truthfully and return the card in the pre-paid self-addressed envelope.

Listed are the questions you will be receiving. This will help you prepare

Please answer every question completely. Sure, we already have this data,
but Viewer 2.0 takes longer to load everything so we thought we'd distract
you by making you fill this out.

1) How many residents are in your household?

Prim Babies
Lindens using invisibility under God Mode so they can watch you "doing it"
(fortunately I'm an atheist so the God Mode won't work on me.)

2) What level of education has each resident obtained?

Orientation Island (yes Dorothy, Orientation Island is considered education)
The Shelter classes
Advanced classes through Art Door / Builders Brewery
SL Pro!
Graduated from Woodbury or Rockcliffe University (please state degree)

3) Do you own any of the following pets?

Zooby cats or dogs
Neko slaves

4) What level customer are you?

Top Level - I've given up and gone to Reaction Grid

5) What is your occupation?

Land baron
Community leader
Linden (For the purposes of this census this considered an occupation)

6) What is your race?

Snail (Every Saturday morning with RacerX Gullwing on!)

7) What is your gender?

Male pretending to be female
Female pretending to be male
Neither just a cat pretending to be (Meaning of "is" by Bill Clinton)
I have no idea anymore so please call me a therapist

8) Which viewer do you use?

Official Linden Lab Viewer 1.23
Official Linden Lab Viewer 2.0 beta
Facebook Farmville 2.0
Twitterless .666
Sparkle iPhone
Crystal Ball 4.1

9) Please list all land and homes

Linden Home
we also need to know are you in a poor neighborhood? Rich?
who are you neighbors? Do they look rich? Can we increase their tier?
Do you have a yatch?
Blue Mars
Yes this land is taxable as well. Going offshore will not protect you from the Labs

10) Time spent in-world

Once a week
1 to 3 hours a day
3 to 6 hours a day
6 to 12 hours a day
12 to 24 hours a day
over 24 hours a day

Please list the number of avatars belonging to you

One to Ten
Ten to a Hundred
Hundred to a Thousand
Thousand to a Million
Million plus
All the avatars are mine

(more questions to follow)

(i want to give credit to the person who came up with this idea but when I asked Crap Mariner he said he'd prefer to be anonymous.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tonight...Open Mic at 4:30pm SLT with Lauren. (oh and some Crap jokes)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

repeat it's at 11a.m. SLT....which is now...sorry
Come on over to DeNile for LAURENLIVE at 1pm SLT (Mar 6th - today)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

LuShae Jewels

So the question you are all asking me is, "did you get your earrings from LuShae Jewelry?"

Yes, today the beautiful sterling silver CZ princess stud earrings arrived. Now you all know I'm petite and these earrings are perfect for my size. They are beautifully crafted and I wish I could wear them in-world but as you know....these are the 'real' thing.

Now there's more to tell, Sarah kept in touch with me so I can say there's wonderful customer service at LuShae. I even emailed her last night and they arrived just as she said they would, so they can track your package as well.
(btw way...shipping is currently free)

My first jewelry endorsement and I only wish I had been invited to the Academy Awards this Sunday so I could walk down the red carpet in jewels by LuShae. I think I'm going to order the 'jingle dangles' and the 'curvy cross pendant' and the 'love promise ring' and OMG...I need to cash Lindens in for $'s

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lauren’s Open Mic tonight at 4:30pm SLT.
after Savannah Coronet