Saturday, December 29, 2007


It should come to no surprise that I was going to do a blog on this subject. But what I would enjoy knowing is if you feel this way yourselves or do you just think this is a game and you are waiting to arrive at 'Colonel Mustard in the skybox with a particle knife"?

Civilization -
A stage of development in human society that is socially, politically, culturally and technologically advanced.

Do we meet this criteria. Well, to me, we satisfy the whole definition. Oh, you say, you don't think we meet it politically. Well, I say we live within a benevolent dictatorship (except for all the screw ups) of Linden Labs and his royal highness King Philip.

Because we are such, it raises many questions for me.

What are the two major risks to our civilization.

1. To me extinction is a possibility. We do not control the possibility of an economic crisis which would make our leaders digitally annihilate all of us. Oh please, you all know this is possible. Hopefully not probable. Civilizations have ended. They have been lost through assimilation or genocide. Turning off the severs (for any reason: economic or otherwise) would be genocide. Assimilation doesn't sound very threatening unless we mean assimilating Firstlife into SecondLife and then that is their problem not ours.

2. Outside influences being so overwhelming as to change the nature of our civilization by their standards so as to in all purposes reduce us to a society we don't want to live in. This has been done to many civilizations. Of course the American Indian comes to mind. And what do I mean by this. The Casinos of SL are gone. Is it good or bad? Not important.....they ended because of another civilization making us assume their laws and ethics. (which as an aside I question deeply. i.e. In their world a 19 year boy old having sex with a 15 year old girl (if her parents press charges) becomes labeled for life a 'sexual predator'. But a 65 year old man having sex with an 18 year old girl is label 'virile.' As for their ethics, I don't have the time nor inclination to write such a commentary. But we all know it is lacking.
So now, a stupid group of leaders, mainly from California of all places wants to ban sexual activity in Secondlife. I think we should ban those leaders from such and also procreation since it is obvious they are genetically inferior and perhaps are actually the cancerous cells of society. In firstlife there are 'parental controls' what we need are 'stupidity controls.'

Do you see other risks? What solutions would you suggest? (I would direct you to read Thomas Paine

A few excerpts of note

government is no farther necessary than to supply the few cases to which society and civilisation are not conveniently competent; and instances are not wanting to show, that everything which government can usefully add thereto, has been performed by the common consent of society, without government."

"The more perfect civilisation is, the less occasion has it for government, because the more does it regulate its own affairs, and govern itself; but so contrary is the practice of old governments to the reason of the case, that the expenses of them increase in the proportion they ought to diminish."

With my deep love of all of you I now take my leave to return to our world.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve - Christmas Day

Last night over a dozen of us spent Christmas eve in world. We wore jammy's and some wrapped presents in firstlife for their families. Also we played Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare - the question which was answered the best was, "Describe a romantic fantasy you have?" This question elicited a twenty minute reply. It was extremely erotic but not....NOT....pornographic. Unbelievably described in detail. Everyone hung on each paragraph.

MissVelvet panted away as the story unfolded. Rekka was the author and she can type with heat. Whirligig sat silently (and we found out she was afk). Fortunately Inga had left just before this story and Derek hadn't come until after. ToryLynn looked like she was sweating. Callie did not have voice on......hmmmm....we wondered why? Liqueur simply sat clutching her Teddy bear and changed her outfit.

During the evening many people came and went including Logan, Sabine, Val, Lily, Allie, Lorena and a few I can't remember (sorry girls). Fortunately, Rekka left her mic on as she wrapped presents so the background had the joy of crinkling christmas paper being folded with wonderful Christmas music streaming in as we used Voice and text so all had fun.

So, now it's Christmas morning and the other day I was asked, "What do I think about the future of SL?" At first I answered I was worried from an economic viewpoint since without growth I wasn't sure what would happen. Over the past year several factors contributed to growth leveling off by September. (the end of casinos and age identification were the two most important factors).

But, after awhile, something else occurred to me. SL.....are now a new civilization. This is the new world with us as pioneers. Oh, there were chat rooms before and some of us were aware of this. There is MySpace, Facebook, many of us communicate by blog. But, SL is completely different. It takes time, desire and commitment to make the journey from FirstLife to SecondLife. You must cross a sea of technological discovery which can take as much time to perfect as the trip to the New World of the 15th century.

So, as a new civilization, I would like to know what you think. Do you agree? How do we protect ourselves? Last, I would love to hear your own thoughts on this. Comments will be most appreciated.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Towards The End of Another Year

Those of you who know me have learned I live in a positive concept of the motion of our lives. This is not to say there aren't horrible negatives shooting through our minds and bodies along the way. However, complaining about the weather does not get me talking in agreement. Instead I will mention, 'the weather is not at fault but how you are dressed.'

So, today I would like to give to all of you these words from a Christmas Carol, "O, tidings of Comfort and Joy,'

For those of you at this time of Winter Solstice (and let us not forget this season has been celebrated since before Christ. Also, the Church did not celebrate the birth of Christ until over a 1,000 years after his time on earth. And there is much to that story too).

I have gone for a moment to Winter Solstice so that we may all share in those words above and not feel that only Christians are entitled to 'comfort and joy'. We, those who dwell on this earth are all related and one. Yet separated so we could all learn how to cook chicken differently. Thus keeping our lives from boredom.

Whether you are young or old. Man or Woman. Physically impaired. Mentally impaired. Caught in a physical world with a mind disconnected from the body you have. Wherever you live and whomever you are, I can only humbly hope your shelter is comfortable. I can only yearn your table has sustenance. And, I wish your clothes are appropriate for where you live.

Whether we have met or not I care about you. Oh, beware, when around me I poke fun at everyone and everything. Regardless, I take great comfort in SecondLife. And so many of you have brought me the joy of wanting 'you all' to be there when I find myself in eternity.

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy;
O tidings of comfort and joy.

See you all around soon. Don't forget I'm an attachment just like your Xcite products or your prim necklace.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quick Item

Look....I know this is sort of ego bs. but at the same time it feels pretty nice and also is good publicity. I knew it was coming....but here it is. A book on SL with me interviewed (page 98) this is only the table of contents.
Take a look at the Table of will see many of our favorite places Including Greenies, Straylight etc.
This book can also be ordered on

Monday, December 17, 2007

Time To Think

Maybe you haven't really thought about it. Perhaps you don't celebrate the holidays of December. But generally, throughout the world, December is a month of either Festivity or religious intensity and perhaps it is both for many people.

So, remember to be more sensitive now to your friends. You may not know their non SL circumstances and how this time of the year is emotionally for them. Try to remember the pleasures you have brought each other and avoid the confrontations with others.

Smile, broadly. Love, sincerely. If you believe in giving gifts do so. Plenty of interesting shopping in SL. But if you give do not expect in return. If you receive, it is not expected you need to find something to be even. The joy here is not equalization of materialism but the expression of the love for one another.

There are so many commitments and struggles at this time in FirstLife let us all be joyous to our friends in SecondLife and considerate of those we don't know but who cross our path. you think I'm being to 'goody-two-shoes'. So what. It's better than 'bah humbug'. I will write another blog about this time of year and the New Year ahead. But today, this is just a reminder. We all need the love of others. We all desire the respect of others. We all deserve more then we have ever asked for. We are all more important then we have ever thought.

My love to all of you. May these next two weeks be filled with more joy then sorrow. All love and no hate. Opportunities for the future and not reflections of our past mistakes.

To any I have hurt in any way in the past, I ask your forgiveness and the kindness of your friendship as we go forward.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Jazz Calhern and now must post eight things about myself on my blog.

1. I really do have a cute ass
even though it's been with me a long time
2. I love giving and need to learn how to receive
this is a real problem I'm trying to overcome
3. I probably need voice modulation lessons
joking of course
4. I sing mumbling while I drive which was a major reason behind my divorce
actually I'm not sure if I can shut up
5. I am not a size double zero
I'm more 007
6. I love to cook
And the company of others enjoying the meal
7. I do not like to clean or do laundry
So I don't
8. I am not a natural blond
I am not gray either

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beneath the Covers - Part 2

Showtime - Ok, here is when my mouth goes dry. On my right side I have a small table with a glass of water, a towel and whatever else I deem necessary. I never drink alcohol before a show (but I will after sometimes). On the left of my computer is a stand to hold the typed out and folder bound improv jokes. There is also a tensor lamp hanging over the stand and is lighting the open folder.

Yes....sip of water.... sheet of paper with things to remember. Did I put the free t-shirt taker out? The tip jar? Do I have to remind the audience to turn on their mics and talk. Those with open mics keep off. Remember to tell the audience to tip the venue. Remember to ask the audience to join Lauren Live group. Remember to turn off AO after walking out and then turn on talk animation (I nearly always forget this). My name is being announced now. I turn my mic on.

Showtime - Well here is where you make it or not. this is so different then music. Music you play a song from beginning to end (sing if that is also). Audience is quiet and then applauds at the end. Comedy, you need to know when the audience is laughing so you punctuate that moment. You need to stay engaged with those who are talking to you, those who are typing in chat, those who are listening. You are live, no way to say thank you for tips as you tell jokes. Are they jokes? The audience likes you, you begin to ease into the show. It becomes friends together. Fun. Friends laughing. Joy. A smile crosses my face and I never want to let go.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Meaning of Life

My friend Whirligig directed me to this blog today. I can only hope you have the time to read it

I have another wonderful blog to share with by my friend Eshi

With the joy of sharing and kindness may both these blogs bring you enlightenment.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Beneath the Covers - Part One

What is it like to put together a comedy show and then perform in Secondlife?

Fun - gathering comedy within SecondLife is a joy. Whether someone is recounting an experience or I am just sim surfing. I may see something off beat and jot it down. Perhaps later, while out in first life, it will rearrange itself in my mind and I will again try to put a few key thoughts on paper. Scraps of paper pile up over the week by my computer in disarray. If a story is being told I will listen and scratch notes and at the end make a decision whether this would be funny.

Work - between shows I begin to pull of this together into what is usually around 7 pages of key words, ideas and eventually try to put them in a order for the show (often during the show I will ignore this order and skip around) This is printed out several times before a show finally has the right stuff.

Organization- Once these 7 pages are together and numbered I put them in a folder that has transparent sleeves. I learned this from ActUp. I have a tensor lamp and a stand to hold the folder for ease during the show. A day before the show I test the show by using the pages and my voice to present out loud what I think the show will be like. Most times I find I've created tongue twisters and other elements that need to be changed. So a final draft of the show is printed and inserted in the slots. (and this final draft has been changed as I get closer to showtime)

Preparation - I log on (if I can) 3 hours before showtime (since SL time is 3 hours earlier then my time but presenters have used my time instead and fortunately I've been there able to do a show). Because this has happened I generally change to my stage outfit between the night before and the 3 hours before. This getting dressed can take up to a half hour or more as i contemplate what to wear....the venue (btw I visit the venue several times between booking and the show so i am familiar with the Stage, test if I create a stage landmark will it let me land on stage or at a preset entry point). I will test the seats, stand on stage and see what view I may have. Find out where I can be while waiting to perform.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Vagina Monologues

Last night was an eye opener. I went to one of the early stages of SL producing "The Vagina Monologues" bye Eve Ensler. As a woman in SL I have traveled in many places and under unique circumstances.

Now don't start laughing but I did read various parts of the play with several other women last night. Oh no, don't worry, no one is going to want me to have one of the parts. I'm more comedian then actress.

But, I had never seen the play nor read it either. I'm not even aware how controversial this play must have been. For this to be on Broadway and to be profitable. For it to be played in many locales throughout the United States must also have been protested.

Incredibly it has played in 76 countries around the world and on every continent. In many of these countries the role of woman is undermined, ridiculed, restricted and violated both mentally and physically by both law and tradition.

Anyhow, there is an open casting call going out on this play. I suggest you contact either ToryLynn Writer or Ina Centaur. Go to the sim SLiterary and I am sure you can find information there. The casting call will start after the New Year.

Also, this play producted another spin-off that should be of concern to anyone who loves a woman. That means you men too.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weighing the Holidays

The holidays (hmmm why is this an exception and not holidaies---brain stop) are already pushing the pounds on me. Another month and I'll baloon into a size 14.

Is it the Bailey's? The chocolates? The cakes? Could it be all of this and also all the rest of the stuff that my mouth craves as I go from one party to another?

I'm still doing Pilates three days a week. Parking my car at the far end of the lot. Thinking my tummy smaller. Shouldn't that be enough

Apparently NOT............anyone else fighting the holiday weigh in?