Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Thank You

Just a different type of post. A thank you so much post. Without you I'd have no show and I'd just be another slut wandering around SecondLife wondering if my nails need to be manicured.

Which, by the way, does exist in SecondLife at the Dorian Day Spa (the name reminds me of my friend and neighbor Doran who has not been in SL for quite sometime now.)

Anyhow, this place is classy. They have orange juice and doughnuts (yikes my waistline) while you wait. You need to make a prior appointment but it's so peaceful there and many colors to choose from. They do manicures, pedicures, facials, massage (both hot stone and deep muscle.)

Ok, laugh but I'm going to go and bring some friends along. SecondLife Day Spa (yes it's expensive but I'm worth it.)

Is there a L'Oreal girl who is NOT worth it? How unworthy would that be to buy shampoo and find out you were worthy enough to use it.

Oops....have I transgressed. Ah, the joy schizophrenia.

Thank You All Again for your love and support


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are You Getting Out Enough

One of the great benefits of Secondlife is your group of friends and your SL family. They're there to listen to your plights, laugh at your jokes and comfort you when you're sick.

We have all bonded with "pepotars" (people/avatars). We hear their voice which permeates both worlds and see their avatar. And in all of this we bond. Some leave but they will always be a part of our lives. Some are around more frequently then others but all are important to our complete lives.

However, I've noticed in SecondLife that as groups form it's hard for many to go out and explore. Especially as a group.

Because I do comedy in SecondLife I am always traipsing around trying to find new gigs but my friends who perform tend to travel within a small circle of where they perform and their fans. Builders start to only hang out with builders. Voice users with voice users. I'll bet Tribute Bands don't even go out into SecondLife except to perform.

Anyhow, I am going to make a suggestion to everyone. Grab 5 of your friends and go to some live performance as a group and then travel off to a sim where there are a bunch of people none of you know.
Get out of your neighborhood.

Oh, and don't forget to ask me to go (as one of your 5 friends)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SecondLife - Multiple Marriages

Here's a wonderful SecondLife poem by my dear friend Josue Habana

Second Life - Multiple Marriages

Another dreaded invite,
For another dreaded do,
Must you marry all the time
And make me suffer too?
I don’t sit there cooing,
I am mostly AFK,
Or looking through inventory,
And throwing things away.
The first time was ok, I guess,
The second not so bad.
The third and fourth were kind of dull,
The fifth and sixth quite sad.
Seven was the worst, I think.
Eight and nine I missed!
Ten was fairly funny,
As I turned up really pissed!
I slept right through eleven,
Think I slept through twelve as well.
Thirteen, that was the longest
And fourteenth was just Hell.
Before you go through fifteen,
Please just heed the words I say,
You’re not obliged to marry
Every av that looks your way!

Josue Habana

Friday, May 8, 2009

What Did You do This Summer?

Summer is nearly here and many of you will be off in firstlife. Some visiting parents, friends. Some traveling to vacation spots. But one thing that has usually happened in the past. Many of you just wont be around as much.

And when you are away I'm sure you take pleasure in the joy of summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. Interestingly, activity from the Southern Hemisphere increases but not enough to offset us Northern folks.

What I'm curious about SecondLifer's is whether they do something in SL and then try in in FL? I mean those who did something in SL for the first time.

If you water skied in SecondLife will you try to waterski this summer in FirstLife?
What about dancing? Will you learn to Salsa?
If you read poetry, Will you find somewhere to read in FirstLife?
Builders do you take some of the experience into FirstLife?
Clothes designers. If SecondLife was the first time you ever designed clothing are you thinking of doing it in FirstLife.
Poll Dancers....are you going to strip dance this summer?
Multiple sex partners...are you going to in Fl?

Keep on truckin!!!