Saturday, November 17, 2007

Inside Out

Compairing life in two worlds.

OUTSIDE: There are the cheerful voices of the children enjoying the mall. Their eyes wide open and their fingers in search of touching everything. From the Piano that says, "Do Not Touch" (to which their parents point the sign out to the 3 year old) to putting their fingers in their mouth and tasting whatever they have touched as if screening for a part in Law and Order.

INSIDE: I'm able to buy 5 dresses, 3 pair of shoes, a sofa, motorcycle and manage to carry the all of it home without any help at all.

OUTSIDE: Lovely foods to choose. Take home and bake the sweet smell of a pumpkin pie. Turkey and gravy. Fresh flowers perfuming the air with their sweet scent of the country. Aromas of memories fill the air.

INSIDE: Friends dancing and talking about the most intimate details of who we are and what we wish. The joys we've had and the sorrows never told. Truth without fear.

OUTSIDE: The sadness of our troops engaged away from their homes this holiday time. Mothers and fathers not home to hear and see their children's giggle and gobble Thanksgiving away.

INSIDE: A feeling of oneness with all the world. Borders, countries disintegrate. Physical beauty and gender take a backseat to intelligence and wit.

OUTSIDE: The trees a multitude of autumn colors that neither Heart nor Botanical gardens can completely digitize.

INSIDE: My home of who I am for eternity

OUTSIDE: My home for the length of this physical reality


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Allie Tomsen said...

A beautiful page, Lauren, both the writing and the thinking behind the words.

"Truth without fear," I'm stealing that one: my new motto.