Thursday, November 8, 2007

Crisp and Clean

Good Morning from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It's 75 degrees here and I wish all of you were staying in rooms next to me. If you were I would do a private dinner show.

Yes, imagine are sitting, relaxing, just starting your appetizer and I come out into the room------------------and you become bulimic. A true weight loss program. Hahaha, wonder if the guys would still be trying to look up my skirt. (of course you would. If an elephant wore panties you'd try to see through them. It's an innate trait.)

I do understand the need for guys to see our tits. All of them. It's a forensic accounting issue. Since no two pair are the same they are simply trying to come up with an identification method such as fingerprinting.

It is so beautiful a morning here and I just thought of all of you. (well maybe not you if you are reading this and I don't know you). I wanted to leave you a tender kiss of a great morning. And wherever you are, no matter how difficult your day is, if you are feeling down or have the flu.

I'll make you chicken soup. Hug you always. Because life would be so much less without you all.

Please vote on Lauren doing a Live Earth Show for friends and family of SL and your favorite location to be nauseated at.


Branwen Aabye said...

HUGS Hun I miss ya already hurry up and come back to ya soon hun..Branwen

Pun said...

TY^^ :)