Friday, August 31, 2007

What's Funny to Me

What do I find funny. well you know from my first blog the thong. I also find how the seamstresses in SL can't seem to seam the final flap of a prim skirt. What happens? Is it an issue of sweatshop labor? Oh and the straps on so many blouses look like a doper trying to draw a straight line.

Ok, other wonderful oddities of SL. What's the story with Xcite? If you go there it is one of the most trafficked areas in SecondLife. At anytime there are the oddest group of horny men, women and furry's on this world. I once saw a dragon and a tiny, together, at Xcite. I wondered, not for long, who was doing what to whom and how did that work?

Want to have a pleasant afternoon laughing to yourself? Try reading profiles of the various Lindens. These are our gods? You want to know which ones are very funny, come see my show, I've weeded out the bland from the bizarre and you'll have a new insight into the police force of SecondLife.

Oh, there is much to laugh about from slaves complaining to their masters or mistresses. And then the noobies with giant penises (shouldn't this be peni?) Architecture and the insane no zoning idea of the mainland. Oh and islands that are cut up into tiny little pieces with no terraforming and the lots sitting on little canals of absurd boringness.

I even think lag is funny and voice. People complaining about these things vehemently in SL and then in FL having no complaint on their cell saying, "Can you hear me?" I imagine it takes a period of time to adjust into acquiescences with any new technology.

But as funny as Second Life is, it's the soul on the other side of the keyboard that connect many of us to lives more fulfilled. For so many Second Life has given legs those without them. Voice to those who should be heard. Intelligence found where outside SecondLife may have been overlooked.

There is beauty, love, companionship, friendship and all the lasting emotions that make life itself so worthwhile. I just seem to have fun poking at the holes with my finger as if I can stop the sea of ridiculousness from flooding our minds. Oh, and of course, because I love to hear you all laugh.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, this is the start of blogging my life within SecondLife. I've been urged (or should I say nudged) by a friend to create a Blog. Which i doubt anyone will ever read. However, here it is.

My entire blog will be on my life in SecondLife. If you are aware of SL you will understand that real life to me is both in First Life and Second Life. I don't expect many to know me but a few makes my life more fulfilling.

For those of you interested in 'offering me friendship' in SL, I will explain myself here. I do not keep many friends. I limit to 20 friends (up from 15), family, neighbors and those I work with (comedy and other shows in SL). I regularly delete those from my friends list for one reason. Although they remain friendly acquaintances they are not regular friends. A regular friend takes the time to say hello from time to time. I expect friends to be busy or not on line. Actually that helps since I cannot maintain several IM's at the same time. However, if after an extended period, a friend on-line never says hello I send an IM to them explaining again (which i always state in the beginning) how friendships are important to me and if they want to maintain that friendship to let me know. One woman said she wanted to and then over a month went by with her online at the same time as me. She only answered two of my numerous IM's with a hello and never IM'd me to say hello. So I deleted her.

My Inventory is quite similar in that I try to maintain it with between 4,500 and 5,000 items. All of these things I do in First Life too. I have unlimited business contacts but my friends list in First Life is but 10. I regularly delete cell numbers.

Ok, now a bit about me. I am a SL comic in voice. I live at Lula's in Old Wives with two sisters, my daughter (born in SL) and a security guard furry. I am not a builder or a scripter but I do landscaping (you can find me in the garden) and like to parody the comedy I find in SL. (Example: Thongs...why?....who made them?....of course I understand the limitation of the female av without a 'venus mound' . But since this is known...who thought this up. Why would anyone want to wear a 'labia spreader'? Was this ever used in Medieval times. Oh..and more about that and Gor....)

You can see my first show at . Also I have two web sites relating to the show as well.
This one, has a link to the current one listing my shows, biography etc.
The other one is
And my Flickr account
If you are in world you can also join my group Lauren Live

Well, this is my first editing (I don't do that).....because no one will read it anyhow.