Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness

Let me first preface this with saying the idea of 'going with the flow' is ridiculous. Toilets flush, they go with the flow, forget it.

That said, I live in a world where trite negativety no longer exists. I live where I desire all to succeed. Where the weather is not a problem. (how you are dressed could effect the way you view the weather.) But the weather itself is wonderful. Rain, Sunshine, Cold, Hot. Yet so many people start with complaints

The matrix is not some digital ciphers making up a robotic versus human dilemma. It is not the 'force' in Star Wars. It is the ability to perceive, grasp and enjoy what our lives are about.

Certainly there are difficulties and negative situations. The inability to pay your bills. Provide food and shelter. These are serious detriments to the 'pursuit of happiness'

Can you imagine, the founders of this nation USA took the time and effort to insert the phrase, 'the pursuit of happiness'. And our pursuit should be diminished by no other. Remember your laughter is enoyed by many. Not all but many. And if those around you try to make you feel that 'your pursuit of happiness' is not worthwhile or attainable it is a problem they face not you.

As a woman of SecondLife I have found much joy. Friends of a quality I imagined and now are there. Of course I suffer ridicule by some. For many reasons including my feminiinity. But what's new with that.

Others fault me for being too happy. Laughing too much. But all of this is counterbalanced by all of you who read this and send me your love.

So, I will always be there for you. My soul and spirit embrace who you are. I am often amazed at your individual ability to find that place inside you of sharing, laughter and love.

Oh, and I will continue to search for the funny side of life (or is that the sunny side of life)

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Douglas Woods said...

Glad you have found happiness in second life and good luck in your search for the sunny side.
Happiness is something we all seem to search for and it is good that you may have found it, even if it is in a virtual world.