Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do You Still Love Your SecondLife?

I was asked this question over the past two months by three different friends and of course I would like to hear your comments below. So, for those of you who have been in SecondLife for some time, "do you still love your second life?" Also, if so, how have you developed?

As long as we are asking questions (yes I'll answer for me at the end) How different are you from the first month you came here? What various social changes have you developed during this period? (Well perhaps you started out a stripper and now are an Opera singer?)

Have you left SecondLife for over a month and returned? When you go on a vacation (for those of you who know what that is) do you miss SecondLife when you are gone?

Now, let me answer a few of those questions for myself.

1. Yes, I still love my SecondLife very much. I don't tire of it since I pursue many avenues, shopping, performing, music concerts, sim exploring, get togethers with friends, emotional growth. I am sure I have become a better person in FirstLife from my life here. Also, I am able to extend my WHOLE life into crevices I would not be able to find in FirstLife alone.

2. How different am I? Well, I own many more pair of shoes and better quality. (men, you don't get it but never make fun of us and our shoes. It's a whole experience. Oh, one more thing....if you own an old wallet with a rubber band around it in firstlife (or should it need a rubber band) and you are single and dating...GET A NEW LEATHER WALLET. We notice stuff like that) Also, I was trampy back then as I discovered who I was and the clothes I love. Yes, back then I did have sex (where do you think my baby girl Lula came from) and now I just dream of sex. One thing remained constant though the players have changed. My friendships are my strongest link to SecondLife. Without those I would be gone.

3. I have never left SecondLife for a month. February 2007 I went to the Carribean for a week and brought my computer....each night I'd go to a wi-fi spot and check in. Yes, I was in paradise and still missed my SecondLife Paradise. Just two weeks ago I was away for 10 days. On a ship in the Aegeon Sea with just a simple internet connection (no SecondLife) so I did check my email to see who had IM'd me and I did stand many times on the deck (with a third glass of wine) looking at a moon in the distance and knowing part of me lives in the ether; between where I was standing and the universe that is me.

I have lost friends from Secondlife. Friends who leave and then I never hear from them in any life. Nothing. But, I don't ever forget them. It's like standing on the shore and seeing a boat sailing to the horizon...and then over the horizon. The boat disappears from your sight but it is still there even if you don't ever see it again. I feel that way about my friends who have left. And, I feel the need of my friends who are still here.

SecondLife changes everything. Those of us who have come here and stayed and those who left after a year of being here will never be the person we were before. In FirstLife we will hear the meaning of the entire conversation with a friend. We see nuances we would have missed before. Inside, we are elevated consciousness. ET call home!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauren's Return

I returned to my real home in Secondlife where everything was EXACTLY the way I left it. The place was spotless and all my plants were alive and healthy; unlike the return to my earth habitation where my basil had died and dust had accumulated. Where does DUST come from? Is dust a cousin to lint? Sometimes I wonder as I remove the lint from my dryer why my clothes haven't disappeared. Or, perhaps, my missing socks is where lint comes from?

Yes, your crazy girlfriend is back with stories from the other side. Almost as if Alfred Hitchcock and the Matrix had merged into the OW (otherworld....please stop calling it REAL sounds like "It ALMOST tastes like butter.")

Please, would someone explain how grown men and women (I mean 40 plus years old) can believe they have found love on a cruise ship without even a kiss? And I figured out one of the battles of the sexes. On this trip (of singles) to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus there were 8 women to every man. So, what trip is there that there are 8 men to every woman. (the trip to the TV?)

Ok, guys don't get mad but it appears unless dutifully forced through marriage to take such trips or discuss fantasies of romance you prefer not to.

BTW.....for all of you in firstlife who are not Americans......please be nice to us......George will be gone soon and we are still good people. Today as the world seems to crave the power of the Chinese, the wealth of the Arab World and the extravagance of the Russians and disdain for us I stopped at the Pyramids and thought.

The Romans are remembered for their ruins that cross many continents and remain even today. They draw many people to lands that wouldn't be traveled by tourists if not for them. I wondered what would future earthlings (and space people) stop by on a tourist trip 5,000 years from now to see that Americans had left culturally and I knew it wouldn't be things like air conditioning or jet planes. Not plastic wrap nor the blues. We will not be remembered for the 60 years of relative global peace and security. Nor for our aid to others in need because other cultures aren't remembered for such.

But there is one thing....they will visit, just as those visit the 7 wonders of the world. They will visit the site of the American Flag on the Moon.

Now, back into my life inside my life....I've heard the new update is just as wonderful as past updates. Electronically stimulating. Is it possible these errors are by intelligent design? We all waited for 1.20. Finally after all this time the monkeys had found a way to move forward from 1.19.14 (I'm not talking Release Candidate)

Oh well, it's gives them a chance to start the many updates to the 1.20 series and perhaps a new Release Candidate 1.21. I am really waiting for 1.69 since I wonder how it could be 1.69 and not 2.69. There's a rumor in SL that thongs are about to be banned.

Love Lauren

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where SecondLife meets FirstLife

Okay so you all thought I had left....and I have....on a jet plane (where the hell was the tp for Athens). And of course I am telling everyone about my adventures in SecondLife and about who Lauren is.

So, what is that be on planet earth...discussing with earthlings about life on my planet and that I have no desire to be taken to any of their leaders? Well, first it's easier then you think since I have landed amongest a large group of interesting women who are trying to grasp what our world is about.

Trying to explain Lindens versus Euros is a bit futile. However, explaining passion versus pride is quite understandable in this land. My red shoes are admired and of course I wouldn't let any of you down. I am a great ambassador from SecondLife.

Interestingly, there is a wonderful creative openess in our world which is hard to explain in theirs. Because, on earth, your coporeal presence is more emphasized than your mind. Who you are is so quickly decided by vision and wallet that depth is not worthy of the vessel your life sails in.

However, I admire the women I've met so far. Most are interesting and those that aren't I avoid. Traveling by jet plane is just so antiquated. I felt the way Marco Polo would have, had he been wandering off to China and suddenly a Stealth figher jet overhead overhead and asked, "Going somewhere?"

Well, this is just a beginning of the journey but I wanted you to all know you are traveling with me. Yes, Rekka, Skylar, Lisa, Lailu, Sloan, Sheila, Shay, Nicky, Nickee, Inga, Bettina, Moxy, Welly and the many others are with me on this trip. When you travel, do you find we are all with you?

Hugs, alone the way, my soul remains with all of you........Lauren

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Post

I'llbe checking out FirstLife from July 16th to July 25th. So, I don't know if I'll get a new blog up or not. But, I am wondering what the others are doing. I need to check in on them t be sure they exist and are not hostile.

Also, I've decided to visit my money by going to the Middle East. My money has been traveling only there lately and not returning so I wanted to see what was so good. Also, I started putting my plastic jewelry in my safe since it's appreciation has made me a wealthy woman. (so nice to have some appreciation in life.)

My friend, Eshi Otawara (the haute couture designer), fish hook dress raised over 400,000 Linden for the Relay for Life. The most ever paid for a dress. I need to ask Eshi if it included her body underneath it or not.

I am not sure how I will survive without SecondLife. I will be able to get emails but not come in world. If you go by my house please give little lula a hug and a kiss. Please remember to clean up after yourselves. And most of all, PLEASE don't forget me. I'll be back...promise.....

Till then.....see you soon...hugs and kisses.....oh, and please Lisa, Skylar, Nicky, Lailu, Rekka, Marin, Raeva, Bettina, Alexandra, Nickee, and all the rest of you....STAY OUT OF MY CLOSET.....I know you want to see and try my clothes on...And boys, no going into my panty drawer....BUT most of all I'll........miss you all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Shortest Blog Ever

Just for the creativity. Just for the Memories. Go to
Now when you get there...Look for MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. Also watch some of the other videos on the world you live in and love.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

GOOGLE GOES LIVELY - Funeral at 1pm

My avatar began to shake. Tears rolling down her eyes. Heart emitting anxious thumps. An IM from my friend, Bettina Tizzy, came through saying (paraphrase) 'you'd better get over to Google Lively and secure your avatar name."

Immediately I exited SL and Googled the site. This was a nervous moment. I began to worry about a new dress I was wearing being shredded in Google land. Oh, then my shoes started flashing their textures through my brain creating signals of the possible loss of love. (Yes, my shoes are my friends.)

I pressed 'Download Lively', fearing the thought of losing my friends (sorry that the shoes came first) and found the download was so easy....oh the "Big Easy" I thought as Google's bigness cuteness rolled through into their new avatar world.

And now came the part to pick my avatar. I had secured my name at least. Lauren Weyland would not be undone by some teenage boy whose wet dream was to steal my avatar. throat started choking....Google was morphing into Prodigy. I couldn't believe it...Google was becoming SEARS. This avatar looked more and more as if it was from some Forward to the Past. I was ugly. But, I could customize my avatar....oh...whew I thought...but after I went to find what to customize with, I fondly thought of all my old noobie clothes in SecondLife that I had thrown away.Not even the worse rag was as bad as these clothes. No JEWELRY......I was getting cranky. HairStyles and colors.....obviously my stylist didn't reside here. There would be no hair orgasms in Google Lively.

AND THEN................the shoes..........they were ugly....they didn't fit and I felt like Minnie Mouse on a bad day when I finally looked in the mirror.

But, let me go out into this Google Lively....surely somehow the me Supergirl, under the Minnie Mouse outfit, would be set free......Waiting...for ROOM to load. OMG....ROOM to mind like Alice in Wonderland began to spin into a 1400 baud transfer rate.

Down that hole and into the ROOM and where was I? OMG......I was in a bad comic book. with little comic bubbles filled with chatter chatter.....was AOL trying for a comeback.......tears as I stood there...but these were the tears of my own foolishness.

The great fear.........morphed to laughter....."THIS IS GOOGLE LIVELY?" I started thinking that Steve Jobs should come here with Lisa. I looked around to see if anyone was walking their Commodore Pet and then I turned, wiggled my ass (btw you can't turn or wiggle your ass) and pressed the button that made my heels click because I needed to get back to OZ.

Moments later, I was home in SecondLife................but I wasn't safe. I realized there were people out their who wanted to destroy my world. Crush my family. Eradicate my SecondLife. It was at this point I bought a centrifuge just in case Google (like the tin man) got a brain.

I love all of you so much.................Lauren

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

The LONG July 4th Weekend rushed through SecondLife this past weekend. For many of us it's a pull back into FirstLife and a pang in our hearts for missing SecondLife friends but that is how our lives unfold. So, I thought you may enjoy the world according to Lauren these past few days.

Thursday - left the office when a phone call for a round of golf came early in the morning. Walking around the course and feeling the heat of the day, the replishment of the sun I wanted to somehow tell all my SecondLife friends.............go for a walk.

Once home, Thursday evening, my friend called and asked if she could come spend the evening watching movies and having fun. I said yes at the same time "Thursdays With Lauren" was unfolding in SecondLife. There I was sitting with friends, Lisa, Raeva, Salamander, Think, Mathew and others. But Thursday wasn't about comedy. Instead it was about the sadness of how, when a marriage comes to an end, men turn back into frogs....very strange frogs. (More on this one day in the blog, Men are from Mars, Frogs are from Mars.)

I really didn't want to leave my friends as we sat and talked at Lauren's Place. However, the doorbell rang, I logged off, and met my friend Trammell at the door with a big smile. In a funny way she is a part of SecondLife. She knows Lauren. She is much younger then me but we share an equality of the life experience in the same as you all do with me.

The evening was spent laughing, drinking wine and watching 27 Dresses. (Lauren's review of this movie is cute Chic Flick but not great. Good film to play for your bf or spouse when you want to punish him for some callous behavior of his earlier. If he says he enjoyed it mark in your diary. "HE LIES". Finally off to sleep which was turmultuous as my mind slid, as if riding an oil slick, between FirstLife and SecondLife dreams.

Friday - we got up and lounged. Had breakfast, laughed and then put on "August Rush," (Lauren says,if music is in your soul and you haven't cried from emotional joy for awhile then this movie is a must. If you cannot find the romance and beauty in this movie please delete my number from your list of friends)

Then it was off to July 4th barbeque with friends in the country. We didn't want to go and of course by the time it was over our reasons had been underscored. July 4th food include baked beans (also known as "America creates new gas supply"), dips and chips (aka, Hip Huggers), things with Mayonaisse slopped in, cakes and pies crying "Eat me and find out who is the fattest in the land," Meats grilled by cavemen who are not licensed to work with charcoal. Alcohol to numb the event and also help the other shape shifter items in rearranging you into the shape of a beach ball. Finally it ends and with the smiles and thank yous your inner self releases a sigh only a prisoner of war could empathize with.

Back home...........I was now drinking and smoking (Lauren was disgusted) until sleep came to rescue me from my foolish bevahior.

Saturday Morning............early........the farmers market...what a joy........we bought loads of fresh farm produce and then returned to our skybox in FirstLife. Trammell then took all $50 of fresh produce and juiced them into two large glasses of green marsh water. (Oh, she is quite into the world of health. She is who got me into Pilates. She knows much about all of this and has a great site for "calf shaping, butt tightenig" workout shoes. See ) We sat and talked and I would come visit those of you in SecondLife who were on and say how I missed you.

I was missing my Wednesday boxing match in SL with Nicky Wise, Sheila Minimus, Xstorm, Geo, Synnove, Pearly and others. (you must come boxing one day with me)

Then we went off to a movie, Wanted (with Angelina Jolie the perfect avatar. Watching her on the screen made me realize that I needed to graffiti "I will not eat!" Fortunately the movie was so bad we left (Lauren said,"Wanted is an apt title for a movie that makes you flee the theater and toss out all your dresses that remind you of blood red" just before I began jotting down --must google the bulimic cookbook).

Shortly after that the pangs of hunger and the thin imprint of the movie kicked in and we found ourselves at a restaurant where we got up from our table and decided we would drink dinner with a thinning plate of fries and grease.

This ended our Fourth together and Sunday was a day of recovery.

And I missed you all, everyday, I did log on to get my Im's etc. So, in my heart and soul my freedom (which we celebrate at this time) is really my life with you in SecondLife.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lauren Live in performance at SL5B

Hair Removal