Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rambling Rose

Before I get into this blog I'd like to let you all know there's a new Treet.TV segment of LaurenLive (click the link). If you want, you can go to my web page and follow the Link

Chantal Harvey was interviewed on "Tonight Live" Sunday. She does Machinima. During the show she mentioned how she works in regular TV which Chantal calls 2D and prefers Machinima which is 3D.

This simple comment was a terse explaining why so many of us have turned off our TV's. Like radio after television or perhaps even more revolutionary our 3D world will supplant 2D TV anchors, sets and even some of the stories.

There is a problem as the printed newspaper fades. Television hardly ever finds or has time to delve or uncover the stories newspaper reporters have. Since we've gone to a free (Google, Wikipedia) sourcing much of our information is slowly becoming more corrupt. Yes, reporters often made mistakes reporting but since their information was centralized and if the corporation they worked for was respected errors would often be uncovered.

Which has more possibility to be accurate. The New York Times or BillieBob's Blog?

I receive dozens of emails with false information sent by friends. Yes, you can check many of them out at snopes or urban myths. However, many people aren't and we are slowly slipping into an age where someone will say 'the earth is flat' and a majority will take up the carrion cry. Truth can be drowned out.

In a way, this goes for SecondLife as well. When I hear something negative about someone or an organization I don't just accept it. Not even from close friends. If it's a positive then I do accept it without research.

So, before you forward a negative email check it out. Otherwise you will quickly build a reputation for false information.

Chantal, why did you get me thinking on this?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, I flew up to see my father (firstlife). He's 95 years old, lying in a hospital bed with tubes going in and out everywhere. He still has a strong grip and can hold a conversation but the body is disintegrating.

Many of you were with me by your words and kindness these past few weeks as this firstlife truth unfolds. Thank you.

While I stood there holding his hand I felt his life force so much stronger then his body and knew a life force cannot be extinguished.

During the flight (plane ride!) I was reading Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol." Yes, it is junk reading and Brown uses the same style he developed in his first novel "Angels and Demons" but it is a fun read.

What do his novel, my dad's life force and SecondLife have in common. The Noetic Sciences. This central theme in "The Lost Symbol", is also my dad's life force and the energy of all of us in SecondLife.

Eternity does exist. It's where there is 'no measure' of time. No clocks, no watches, no hour glasses. And, without being to spiritual (or else I'll have to poke myself) we are discovering the Noetic Sciences here in SL.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tooting My Horn

Well, the first segment of LaurenLive & Treet.tv is now posted


I'd love your critique. Already there are several things both Starr and I talked about to make the show do even better. Here are some. Add yours.

1. Cluster the jokes around a 7 to 10 minutes segment. (So Dashboard would be all about that and not jump around like it does on this one.)
2. When an audience member calls out repeat the question so the tv audience hears it.
3. Get the audience to participate from the outset with laughs, claps, boos etc.
4. Lauren needs to be a bit more professional with delivery (think Domino Pizza)
5. Get a better comedian.

All in all it's a start. But this is our show (you and me) so any input would be great. Also, if anyone would like to get involved in the production please contact me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rezzin Bran

I slowly rezzed this morning and the world was gray. Particles were dripping from the sky and Windlight didn't enhance a thing. In the bathroom I clicked on the light switch and a pie chart came up with "go into appearance" in bold letters.

The animation in my shower was superb but the hairbrush animation left a lot to be desired. Upon entering my closet I noticed there were some things needing to be deleted from my inventory...pie chart DELETE -- they fell off their hangers onto the floor sitting like a pile of old prim waiting to be cleared from the trash later.

Pulled up my jeans and started to walk out of my closet looking like a Coco commerical with my belt hanging down, zipper undone, underwear showing. Should I go out like this? Would they understand? No, zip, zip, snap, tug, hook. READY.

Tp's weren't working (as usual in firstlife) so I took alternate transportation. I had left my car rezzed the night before so I didn't need to worry about that. The script was pretty good and I liked the radio auto tuned from sim to sim.

Riding the elevator up to my office I looked at the detail and textures and thought what a great builder this elevator person must be. And the script wasn't jerky.

At last, at my desk, sit poses working I wondered how many Linden was my day job really worth.

And so another day in firstlife unfolds.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's A Mother To Do

Has this ever happened to you? Either you or someone you have given powers goes to 'About Land: Objects" and clicks return all by accident? Well, my sister did that this past weekend. I didn't get upset but I certainly was shocked since I was standing there as all these things disappeared and my inventory filled up like a Gucci bag on a weekend trip.

I called 911 (SL Concierge services) and learned you cannot 'go back' and reset the sim. If they aren't in your Lost and Found and especially, if they are no transfer and set to group they are gone for good. What also amazed me is about 80% of the stuff was returned. Never figured out why the other stuff stayed rezzed. One house rezzed together was half returned.

Then I learned these building block icons in my Lost and Found were actually crap grouped together for absolutely no reason at all. Example, a box of sex attachments ended up rezzing with my boxed Nun's habit. Oh well.

The hard part for me was wondering where my daughter Lula was. She wasn't in my Lost and Found and I was afraid she had been kidnapped so I put her picture on all the milk cartons of SecondLife. Fortunately for me an old SL chicken farmer sent me to a local sandbox. I found out she had been there playing with some boy named Steve. There were thousands of lost and deleted children at this sandbox. Sand Linden said if she's been gone more then 24 hours I should go to the SL Orphanage.

It had been nearly 36 hours so I proceeded to the Orphanage. Low and behold she was there.

For more about this story please come to my show this Saturday at 6pm SLT. Oh, it's being held in a french sim. Interesting because it's like 3am there at my show time. Must be the Galois smokers and cognac crowd who asked for a show at that time.

Again, thanks to all of you. Without your support Lula would either starve or have to go back to the Orphanage. (They looked at me funny at the Orphange. As if I was an unfit mother.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Thought

Most of you who read this blog are highly creative....may I suggest to a few of you to think of entering the Doritos ad contest ($5million US prize). You could use SL and whatever you think would work.

Like, a great spot in SL with an open bag of Doritos. Some chips strewn about. Lauren in just panties saying, "Gosh Doritos are such a big thrill"

Anyhow here's the story. You can Google the site.

Snack giant Frito-Lay Thursday will unveil plans to ramp up from two to three the number of consumer-created Doritos commercials it will air in the Super Bowl. It also will raise the potential booty for its latest Crash the Super Bowl contest from last year's $1 million to $5 million.
The online promotion urges folks to create 30-second spots for Doritos and post them for online voting to be picked to air in one of the three Super

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sharing Something Unique

ok NPIRL and Bettina Tizzy have again created... a must go read http://npirl.blogspot.com/2009/09/giving-new-hawt-meaning-to-virtual.html and start dancing.

See you tomorrow.....Sept 8th

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Too Busy To Date Your Avatar!

a must laugh...

Have You Noticed?

This is my Third year in SecondLife and I've noticed many changes. I'm not just talking Linden changes, I am also talking the changes of the residents of our world. There is a developing world of anti-social behavior.

I remember when we got a notice we'd read it and decide to attend or not. Or if someone sent us something in world we'd accept it. Now, we've all learned how to click DECLINE or DISCARD. We've gotten so good we can click through all the Notices, IM's, gifts, invitations before our first 12 seconds in world. We don't even look at the heading anymore.

Many people are shutting off all notices. Deleting all friends. Declining all groups. Some people don't even leave the 16 meters where they log into SecondLife. Builders are building things no one goes to see. Musicians are playing songs for audiences that could fit into a minivan. Comedians have to laugh at their own jokes.

Friends have discarded their old avatar and created a new one so they don't ever have to have friends or groups. It's a rebirth of virgin anti-social behavior. We are now ignoring Facebook. We don't read Tweets. Most think newspapers are something vinyl records are made from.

One of the great benefits of SecondLife, before the new wave of behavior, was the ability to go to a show, be in a voice convo with friends, answer IM's, talk to firstlife children, open mail, pay bills, listen to a YouTube, google a movie, order a pizza on line, all at the same time.

What happened to our multi-tasking. What are we doing now? THINKING? sleeping?

Wake up and hear the silence.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Self Promotion

Okay, so this is a short blog and it's all self promotion.

Tuesday - September 8th (arrive 4:30pm SLT - Live at 5pm) I will have the first TreetTV show. It will be a LaurenLive but with a minor difference. There will be 4 six to ten minute segments. Just a few seconds between them. Now here's the hard part. Due to location and support I can only invite 25 friends to come.

If you would like to be one of them please let me know.

Love you all....Lauren