Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Morning

A day like any other. Terrific. The last week is what has been unusual for me as I lay in bed generally out of reach of my SecondLife.

I wonder how many of us have so implanted our souls here that when the physical world clutches us in her grip of illness we feel only half fulfilled. Anyhow, I think I'm back.

So, what's happening to me in SL. Well, I am currently doing a Thursday Night gig at cookie (Sim) on Improv. This is a great night to come with your jokes, come with your talent to perform, or just come. It is from 4pm to 5pm SL and last week's first time was met with nearly ten (well not all are people) life forms. Two were writers of comedy. One was a writer of poetic comedy. Another wanted to learn to perform comedy and one just wanted to learn the ins and outs of SL Voice performance for her own group.

Oh, been shopping for panties. Why you may ask? Because I have found several dresses that don't need the long leg flannel panties that seem to come with them. I mean really, do you want to wear flannel? NEVER.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid-Week Musings

First, I've been sick and am currently operating somewhat less energetically. Hopefully, my body will return to normal in the next week or so.

SecondLife is filled with some of the brightest and most talented people the world has produced. And it makes the common denominator intelligence and not the car you own or club you belong to.

Many of you have meager funds available yet you allocated those funds to be here and to be my friend. A commentary on life although I feel this way always about all of you, it takes my being sick to take this time to thank everyone of you who have come to SecondLife. And especially those who have become my friend. If I could I would take you all under my roof and relieve you of financial, emotional, physical strife.

We laugh together. Share important thoughts! Share the element of why life has meaning.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Morning

Just finished my article for NPIRL and my submission of a column LOL (Lauren on Love). Here is my submission (though I rarely submit).

LOL (Lauren on Love)
by Lauren Weyland

Love in SecondLife is often filled with emotional overload. In this short column, in the future, I will try to answer any questions you send to me about SecondLife love. It is best if you send them to my email address

For this first column I would like to discuss why we often feel 'unworthy' though we shouldn't.

The greatest challange to our spirit is a partner who cheats on us (gender doesn't matter since it is more one of dominant behavior). And although it is rare I get a feeling of 'unworthy' it happens to all of us. My friend came over and she cried such torrential downpour of tears my waterfall doubled in size. Why the tears? Because her man in SL had cheated on her. I asked her if she had ever cheated on him and she said 'yes'. Her tears still flowed.

So I asked her to think why wasn't her infidelity wrong and his was. She couldn't answer except to say his infidelity made her feel 'unworthy'. I use this example because the usual suspect is just one partner cheating, and not as in this case, to illustrate our feelings of unworthiness emanate from our misconception rather then from the circumstance. But, importantly, our feelings of unworthiness are groundless at all times. So never give in to the part of you as a bitchy girlfriend may blame you for something that is blameless.

If you desire to feel unworthy direct it at your poor selection of clothing. Cheap shoes. Too much makeup. But as a person you are worthy of more then you have ever asked for.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

So much is happening so fast I can't even write about it all. Sean Voss came up to me after my show last night (his FL name is Sean Percival) and asked if he could interview me for his new book (coming out at the end of the year

It's easier to just

And so today we did our interview and I may be in this book.

Also my friend Bettina asked me to write a short piece on my preg in SL.

And now I've been given a little column in VooDooPublications called LOL (Lauren on Love)

And a member of the press attended last night and is submitting a review of the show.

Oh and now on Thursdays at 7pm SL time I will host an open comedy hour.

I've got to go to bed but tmrw will blog about something I love about SecondLife. All of you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Just a quick note- I'm doing a new show on Friday at 7pm SLtime at Timeless Spotlight. Hope you can make it (if anyone reads this blog - which I seriously doubt)

I wonder if there are now more blogs then there are people. And also, why do I have the time to write this? Shouldn't I be doing something more productive?

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Monday After

The weekend has come and past with much SL activity. This is the first weekend I've taken off from either writing or performing my show. (Oh, forgot, also rehearssals with Act-Up for the Halloween show) Instead, I went shopping and dancing. It's amazing that you can spend hours searching for shoes or a costume and then eventually find it. I know not everyone enjoys shopping in SecondLife but to me it's the hunt for creativity

One night I had to quickly find a Victorian outfit with bonnet. Why? A wonderful contest for women. My friend Bettina is a part of NIRL (Not In Real Life -more on this is a moment.) She invited me to this event. Approximately 30 women attended and we were all watched by about ten gentlement smoking cigars. So with nets in hand and the joy of flight we scattered around Calliope catching butterflies.(Oh give me a break, you think I'm going to let on what was funny here. No way. You'll have to come see my next show.) Hundreds of them. But a few held special gifts. I managed to find two, one with a beautiful ring and the other with a matching right earring.

What is NIRL - Its a group formed to get together for events, builds, scripts and anything else (like my comedy act) that are not possible in real life. They also have a blog which will explain more fully. Amazingly I was asked to join this group. I've visited architectual displays and scripted wonders. Oh, and of course, catching Butterflies

Friday night I went dancing with a couple of my girlfriends. Callie and Allie. Yes, sounds like a great comedy team. I'll write more about friday (and make you laugh your ass off when I tell you about our exploits till 3am.) and the truly great sights and sounds of the club we danced all night at.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night

Life is both bitter and sweet tonight. The sweet is Hobo SL Forsythe Whitfield the best blues player in both SL and FL at this time in life. I am sitting here right now at the Hummingbird Cafe listening to talent. This is just amazing to listen to and tonight it caps the bitter with the blues.

His website is

I lost a dear friend last night. Said goodbye to me in her own way. You always know when you no longer matter to a friend. It's hard in SL because your soul feels so torn.

And then another friend had her heart wrenched so tight, blood dripped from her heart bursting from the pressure. She is such a sweet person. I won't mention her name but she knows if she reads this she has friends who love her.

With that was another sadness. A friend from awhile back who fell off my friends list for no longer responding to me was at a club I went to last night.

Losing friends is always hard. Doesn't matter if it's me who deletes them. They end the friendship by actions. Actions I always explain before I accept friendship. Such is SecondLife

But that is again sweetened by the woman sitting next to me. Hedda is more then both real and sl. More then just smart and sexy. She is a friend. She has a blog in French. It is a methodical and clinical point of view of SL.

Oh well, remember this......if you are getting good cock you don't need a ring. So cockrings are out this year.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Okay everyone - last night was unbelievably exciting. I did my first show LIVE in SLVoice with the audience also in voice. It was a wonderful Cabaret setting. The place is called Timeless Spotlight. You should all check out what is happening there. It's a fun setting. Great mixture of guys and dolls.

I wore a DE Badlands outfit. The pants are so tight I couldn't believe it. Also one of my favorite hair stylists, Kin, did my hair. Over 40 people were there. Most I didn't know and they were all so wonderful. Kidded me, I kidded back. We all laughed. Their voices made the show so much fun. By the time it was over I felt like I do when I have a major hair orgasm.

Check out this blog. This is Moxie who helped me so much and Tao who took pixs
Tao Takashi took some amazing photos

I know some people really wonder what I am doing and why. In depth answers to this I am not about to give but I do know I love the fun I have. The ability to see the world differently. And the acceptence by so many you of my gig is mind boggling.

Thanking my friends (and all who come to my show are auto friends) is something I will do always. Laughter is a great way for us to share our first life world in second life. I think the show last night was a FIRST TIME EVER event.

I have worked hard to get ready for this show and was so nervous. It takes me about an hour to get ready before a show but yesterday I came nearly an hour and a half early. Throat dry. Standing. Waiting.

Timeless getting everyone seated. Moxie serving them Jack Daniels by the bottle. I'm standing behind the curtain anxiously seeing the crowd gather. Chatter at the tables. The lights began to dim. Timeless began talking about the new club and what they were trying to accomplish. My eyelashes fluttered from nerves. Timeless continued on having everyone check their applause and sounds. Lights on the stage started to come on. Timeless voice started getting louder and then I heard my name. "Let us all welcome Lauren Weyland"

I nearly peed but I managed to come out on stage, look around at this wonderful crowd. I felt the electricity. The crowd was in the mood. I was in the mood. And for the next 45 minutes we all had fun. Yes, better then a 'hair orgasm'

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Frankenstein's Father

Now you know there is trouble in the camp when they want a comic to play Frankenstein's father. Especially a female comic. No wonder Frankenstein is so scary.

So, the other night we had our first cast/director meeting. Used SL voice. Funny how half the people still don't know how to adjust individual volume and a few don't know they have a crappy mic and are ignorant of the pain they are causing eardrums. And over and over the same person would say, "Can you hear me?" It was so disturbing I started banging my head against the wall.

Oh, talk about disturbing. There is a wonderful poetry club called Blue Angel. Peresphone is the sweetie who owns and runs it. Anyone can read their poems. And, no matter how bad you are you'll get applause. Except, I think I was the first person to finally tell someone they were terrible. I know, a bit bitchy but that doesn't bother me.

ETD is reopen. Tonight there were 51 people inside and another 30 waiting in the adjacent two sims waiting to get in. Most everyone was naked to reduce the lag. I was with two of my girlfriends in voice. We were laughing..buying hair and having hair orgasms.

Sorry, I'm brief on this blog but I am more worried about Sunday's debut of me new show. I so want it to be LIVE...improv...but i don't have a clue if I can pull it off. It's going to get even more nervous from now till Sunday. So friends, I hope it works out and thanks for stopping by to hear from me.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Morning

So, what happening......last night I went and auditioned for a new club that will be opening later this month. This is going to be a great venue. A small intimate improv club. Also a stage is being erected on Cookie for future performances. For those of you who are interested in doing your own stand-up or would like to see if there is some other way you can contribute to comedy in SecondLife, please contact me either by IM in world or my email.

Amazingly SecondLife encompasses those from 18 to 81. And those of all proclivities including flying Dragons. And silliness on a scale of the absurd. What do I mean? Last night I was at a very creative showing of moving architecture at the sim Architecture. And what do I do? Put on roller skates. Now that is silliness on the magnitude of a quake.

BTW, where I live is open for all to wander and enjoy. There is nothing for sale there and it's a peaceful place to find me working in the garden. Wow, just realized I don't have the right clothing for gardening. Must look into that later.

Oh, please, please, please send me anything you find funny. Funniest moments like my furry friend Flux who said his wife came home the other evening (she's a furry too) and when she came to bed she started coughing up fur balls which were the wrong color. Flux was emotionally upset by this. Me, I just started laughing.

Another friend of mine divorced her SL husband and married his girlfriend. So I said I didn't know she was into other women. "Nope", was her reply "when my former husband found out his girlfriend was a guy he went ape and dumped her." My friend said she and the girlfriend commiserated over the whole episode (two ex's) and found they were in love and married. Only in Second Life can this happen.

And earlier last evening I was in a Sim. There was no one around me nor was anyone in active speakers but (hehe) two guys met up with this very loose woman and next thing you know I hear one of the guys ask her to show (you know what...don't think blog is XXX rated). Well, I listened in until she was naked. Her voice matched her intelligence.

The only thing I would like to remind all of you is that behind the keyboard is a soul. Please be aware of that and be kind to strangers (and completely outrageous with friends)

Someone remind me to tell about the night I went out with two girlfriends to a strip show and what we were wearing and what one friend got by putting 3,000L in his tip jar.