Friday, September 26, 2008

Ivy Falls Talent at Burning Life 2008

Burning Life. Be there. Join me as a Rampager. Come to performances.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shopping and Dropping

Guys, this isn't even going to be on your radar so you'd probably like to sit on the couch in the store in  the mall with the game on the big LCD while we SecondLife girls discuss this.

So, last night I was looking through my closet again and began to go through my shoes. (How many of you have been here nearly two years and accumulated inventory?) I remember last year when I went through my lingerie drawer and started a pile of 'throw-me-aways." I had free panties that upon examination found the label had "Barbie" written inside with a red-line drawn through signifying 'reject.' Some of my bras had either the wires bent or were no wire type and had shriveled up into 'unwearable' and some just had turned 'raggy'. I cleaned those drawers and the colors and sizes piling up was like a major multi-ethnic party. CLICK DELETE. 

My wardrobe and entire inventory became lighter. (Yes, I do have some real good lingerie still.) Most of my friends wander around with "no see = no bra- no panty." My commando girlfriends.

I tried to attack my dresses but taking them out, trying them on, thinking about them, wondering if I may have an occasion to wear them stopped the progress here dramatically. Oh sure, my hips are a bit plumper nowadays, so those too tight hit the 'click delete pile' but I still haven't gone through 10% of my dresses pants, blouses, skirts etc.

And now, last night, I finally opened the two wide mirrored doors to my 'shoes'. Now, there before me were shoes dating back to the Winter of 06-07. Boots with more prim then the 'avatar rendering cost' could calculate. I use to love these black lace-up boots. OMG, they have bling. Did I ever wear bling? Shame....DELETE, DELETE. Another pair of white shoes from a wedding in April 07. They were terrible, badly made. I remember how much they hurt to wear and was fortunate my gown had kept them hidden. DELETE, DELETE.

A pair of  'whore purple' boots. I can't even remember the evening they climbed into my closet. DELETE...DELETE. Yikes, some freebies still lived. Pushed way back in the corner. DELETE.

Finally came the hard part. Boots and shoes I had paid 1000L for. I remember this one pair I had bought at Minx. The were 'elegant black'. Could be worn with almost anything. (My closet cleaning had started all because of the green dress I was wearing and wondering what shoes to wear.) They had been elegant but at 54 prim per shoe and the heels needing to be replaced I thought I could easily 'delete.' But I couldn't. Not even the scuff marks could get me to. 

I had paid 900Linden for these. I bought them for a big dance at Jade's Jazz House. There they were, black patent leather strap ups. No Moody Stillettos but still they had nostalgic value. I asked if anyone still shopped at Minx and Raeva said she did. So, I put those shoes on the lowly bottom shelf, closed the door and heard the words from GONE WITH THE WIND, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

There, on the shelf in front of my eyes, were a perfect pair of open toe Moody Stillettos, Mary Janes. Closet Closed.

Do you have wardrobe story? Leave a comment. Can you DELETE? Or, are you still a pack rat?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Election Fun

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life and Death

SecondLife slows many emotions. Love, fear, loneliness, annoyance, etc. but this blog is about a particular sense one can only  feel from behind the keyboard.

Before I explain, I know you think all of them are from behind the keyboard and yes in the end they are but the ones I am referencing  above are reinforced by the digital world we live in. The one I'll mention isn't.

You get digitally bumped, you are annoyed. You are alone somewhere in SL, you feel loneliness. You enter a 'non-safe' sim, you sense fear. You are with your friend strolling one of the beautiful forests of SecondLife, you emote love.

But death is not defined either by oneself or a friend. Since my life in SecondLife I've lost one friend from both first and secondlife. Another has surprisingly, wonderfully has managed to live nearly a year longer then was prognosed originally.

Just two weeks ago a very dear friend of mine sent a notecard outlining what appeared to be an asthma attack but upon going to the hospital  was diagnosed at first as asthma but over the next days learned she had Stage 4 Cancer in her lungs, liver, spine. Her notecards and conversations since have brought both insight and thought. Insight from her comment, "I walk this path alone now," to all the thoughts I've had since and we have shared.

Most important, her path she does walk alone but I believe all of our prayers (should you pray) thoughts (if you think) can either make this path easier or even light a path back with all of us. Her condition is not hopeless. Dire yes. But not hopeless. Already I've learned of one who walked back from a very similar brink (stage 4, spine, liver, lungs) and now 7 years later is cancer free.

Returning to the theme of this blog, I have been overcome with a sense which has nothing to do with her avatar. It occurred also with another friend earlier. But this has been much more moving since I've spent much time with Stephanie; talking with her about many things friends would talk about at these times. My mind has stopped often, both when we have been together and not, about her hands on the keyboard no longer sending out her thoughts, her love, her friendship.

We all encounter this in firstlife, however, this particularly release a different sense from SecondLife. I don't know Stephanie except from SecondLife and so this thought was not the avatar nor the physical but the soul that lives in both (if you prefer mind. I am not trying to inject religion here).

Mystifying, inexplicable I am lost as to my thoughts regarding this feeling. What does it mean? As much as I am sure I will hear from Stephanie and she is well and cancer free, I also realize her fingers may not touch the keyboard again. Fortunately, she has a wonderful family in firstlife whom she loves and loves her dearly.

Friends of SecondLife, you are all so dear (I am not sad so please don't worry about me) and at this time, no matter your belief I ask one thing. Stop....for one second,,,next time you are in-world....and send this electrical charge from your keyboard.....just type STEPHANIE.....into the void of our digital world.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have many friends who are "creatives' in SecondLife. From time to time I would like to introduce them to you. The necklace and earrings I've been giving out were made by Lore Lamont (she does custom jewelry). Rebecca Rozen made the double dice necklace. Raeva has made the dresses I've given away and both she and Inga have made and given me numerous performance dresses. Kellie Iwish and Eshi Otawara also produce original clothing.

Many wonderful jokes and ideas come from Stephanie Kieper. My blog's original artwork was done by Doran Carter and recently updated by Nicky Wise.

OMG...I'd better stop now. It's starting to read like the credits of a tv sitcom. However. over time I will try to thank each of you and let you know you are always remembered

But today I'd like to introduce you to a poet. This poem by Morgue McMillan (real name at the bottom of the poem -- Oh, hey, this way you'll read it twice.) Called PINK it is just a sweet poem. Many of Morgue's poems are more developed and some very dark. However, my friend is going to be published more often in the future and I wanted to share a recent poem. You can often hear her poetry on Sunday night at Persephone's "The Blue Angel" at 5pm SLT (it's a poets dive.


Winter sun, little girl,
rosy skin, blond angel's
curls - all parents'

Easter sun, bloomy dress,
pink shiny shoes, a pretty
face - keep it all

Summer sun, campus green,
chicken run, pick one,
two, three - cheers to the

Autumn sun, chicken talk,
carved skin, take the dog
for a walk - poor mind still

September 8, 2008
(C) Morgue McMillan -: Marieluise Niehus

Friday, September 12, 2008

Be All You Want To Be

     Quote by friend, "Give Sarah Palin eight years and she'll birth you an army."

Well, I guess politics is out of the question for this blog? Not! It is funny that Sarah has marginalized John McCain. It's as if he's running for the second position. Also, I find it funny the new slogan of the Palin-McCain ticket, a 'vote for change.' How can that be? If elected they will owe the years ahead to the same people who brought you this crisis.

Hey, did you notice the new banner? It was done by my friend Nicky Wise. The little piece of digital earth I reside on and you come to hear me laugh is a colaboration by all of you and my friends. When was the last time you looked over your friends list and made a note to thank all those who have added such a new dimension to your happiness?

Imagine your non-SL friends and the world they know. Sure, they know a few people around the world but most of them are within their current provincial realm. But, you now know people everywhere who would welcome you to their homes. And what about those before this 'virtual reality'. Those who lived lives where their ideas had to fit the mold of those within the hamlet (wait, Obama is going to get into trouble for using that word on Letterman) where they dwelt.

SecondLife exposes thoughts of yours to reality with others and also makes you broaden your acceptance of others. Isn't that what evolution of thought is about? Aren't we paving a road to a more peaceful earth (if we don't blow it up first). What if every politician and corporate CEO had to live in SL at least an hour a day. What would that do? (Griefer Presidents would be caged.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to say I love all of you.....thank all of you....enjoy you all and wish each of your days end with a smile regardless of the rigors of firstlife.


Monday, September 8, 2008

SecondLife Convention 2008

Well, your girl Lauren went to the SL Convention 2008 and here is my report on the past weekend.

The hotel and location were terrific. Much better then expected and the price per room was quite reasonable. Especially since those who had funds shared rooms and other money saving collaborations.

Entering the enormous hotel lobby on Friday morning I saw every seat taken by SL'ers with laptops opened and our universe glowing out of those LCD screens with badges worn proudly displaying their SecondLife names. Easily looking out you could have found someone whose corporeal reality represented you. And though there was every size, shape and gender you would have found by the end of the weekend why you so feel the closeness and love you do in SL for so many of these other travelers.

One aspect I found as poor planning is the convention's direction which is directed nearly entirely to 'education and business'. Yet, at the convention were entertainers, travelers, poets and writers, none of whom were recognized by the convention sessions. Therefore outside of the opening meeting the breakout sessions were poorly attended in comparison to the attendance.

I was going to the elevators when a mother, her mother and her daughter began to pass. I leaned over to the daughter, smiled and said hello and the mother, smiling broadly, said, "Oh, I know that voice. Hi Lauren." Cybergrrl and I hugged and over the weekend became close friends. I was surprised by how many people recognized me by either voice or by my show. Blaze Petrov, Eshi Otawara, Lily Charleville, Tuna Oddfellow, Phorkyad Acropolis and several other friends came up for big hugs.

Philip Linden was both interesting and accessible which made the event all the more enlightening and enlivening. There were some interesting sponsor booths set up depending on your proclivity.

Hehe.....yes we partied. Of course the big party was the Strokerz Ball on Saturday night. It was a wild mix of Gorean and non Gorean spectacular held at Banana Joe's. We danced, drank and danced some more.

The future of 'virtual reality universe' according to Philip is one which over the next 10 years will consume 50% of the broadband usage. Also, he touched on how this world does change who we are in both lives.

I only wish we could all agree that fl stands for firstlife and not florida. More on all this later.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tooting My Horn

This was an historic weekend for LaurenLive and I'm excited to share with you my feelings and work. For those who were at the show you know how incredible the IVY FALLS theater was decked out by Rekka and the stage presentation by Kere.

But, let me take you back. This show, the first of it's kind in SecondLife, was broadcast live to a theater in Amsterdam. It was simultaneous shown throughout SL and was also available on the web for those with a computer, internet access and not in SL. It is currently being cut, edited and finished as a video. (ok, it was a big thing for me.)

Ze Moo's Club Interbellum presented an entire program for Saturday's line-up. Some top musicians performed and I was the comedy act. There was a theme to the day's events so I wrote virtually a new show for this particular performance. And, because the actual livecast was to be a half hour I wrote about that length of show. We wanted a full house for the livecast so my show started at 3pm and they arrived around 3:25 and broadcasted until 4pm.

I want to thank those of you who came and heard the same show nearly repeated and appreciate how you understood the nature of this event and stayed when I started over again while the cameras rolled. As you know, I did not repeat the first half hour exactly but instead always improvise during a show based on audience reaction and comments.

Nearly 40 people attended the theater, over 50 were in firstlife movie theater watching and unknown who was tuned in elsewhere. Hopefully millions (joking). I was told by those at the movie theater in Amsterdam the audience was laughing the whole time. They enjoyed the show and also the audience. Amazed was their reaction to how unique the show was and SecondLife. I explained during the show many nuances about the jokes about SecondLife. Apparently most of the firstlife audience was able to go along with much of these jokes so the planning worked out.

For all of you who came. For those of you in FirstLife now reading my blog and having attended. For all the backing of so many friends I accept this Oscar...............................I know it started sounding like adieu.