Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tonight 9:30pm SLT Friday Night Talk Show Lauren Weyland

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Open Mic Tonight 4:30pm SLT at Cookie and after TerryLynn Melody

Liars and Tiger and Linden Bears, OH MY!

We are just two weeks away from "Valentine's Day" in SecondLife. Do you know where you avie is?

This is an incredible time in SecondLife. There's a dozen roses someone must have made back in 2005 and is copy, modify and transfer. Nothing says I love you like the flowers you gave to your last 5 loves of your 'secondlife.'

And as sure as March comes after February we will be seeing (and hearing) the new babies of SecondLife. Somewhere by the beginning of spring (March 21st) I'll be out shopping and suddenly in Exorcism green will come, "Your baby is growing inside you and is so happy."

But back to Valentines Day. Does anyone know what the "Linden Bear" will be? Does anyone care? Have you made your SL reservations with your paramour? Have you bought the new red dress that Shouted Couture offered for 100 Linden? (that's what I'm going to wear.)

What about new dances? A clean Xcite Hud, never used before? Don't you think she would be so happy knowing your hud had not been to last year's valentine day party? Don't you think she'd rather see a new, not properly colored cock so she'd know it had never been hiding in some other girl's cave?

In firstlife, the week before Valentine's is often 'break-up' time. Why? Because a guy thinks, "I can skate by without a gift and 'make-up' the week after." Girls, you don't think guys think like that? Yes, and disappointment is just another word to say, "I love you."

So, in closing I may not write another blog before I return from vacation on FEB 14th (yes I'll be back for Valentine's Day.) but 'Will you be my Valentine? Apply Inside."

Oh, for comments....please leave your favorite Valentine Day song? The best to dance to. The best to listen to. The best to cry to. The best to say, "No" too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year Show at Treet.TV

Latest Treet.Tv show Many of you I mention by name. A slight audio echo but still good.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lauren Live open mic Wednesday, January 20th @ 4:30 SLT Bring your giggles and snorts.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My friend Josue Habana wrote a piece the other day in response to Karen Myers poorly conceived rant. (you can read her blog here)
and Josue's
(you can read here)

I often don't feel compelled to answer unintelligent negative blogs but this made my Brazilian curl. And even one of the comments got a reply comment from me. Why people have to put down those of us in SecondLife is a reminder of the smallness still surrounding us and the bigotry and hatred seething just below the surface.

Here is my comment to her blog, then a woman's comment and childish reply and my comment to the 'childish reply.'

It is interesting to read a review by someone unqualified to write it. Ms. Myers either found her experience in SL (if she even came in) parallel to her FirstLife and chose to be a prostitute. However, she must have failed at this in the same way her blog fails at depth, understanding or even journalistic integrity. There are many people in SL who create within all the arts. I have bought Firstlife paintings from artists I've met in SecondLife. There are musicians (guess music isn't Karen's thing). And I imagine Ms. Myers chose the batmobile over the poetry, scripting, comedy and dancing. However, Ms. Myers probably watches television, that 2 dimensional avatar world where information is only pushed at her rather then the push/pull world of SecondLife. And, for the record, I have met many of my friends in SecondLife in Firstlife. I've attended plays, concerts, visited their galleries and seen just how talented so many are. Now, Ms Myers, I am not faulting your foray into "Twilight" nor your fantasy of meeting Edward but the rest of us seem to be a bit busy in SecondLife doing real things (like extending our entire lives and reaching out globally in making new friends. Also, I've done numerous benefits in SecondLife raising thousands of dollars for Firstlife causes such as Cancer, Coats for Kids, the Helen Keller Foundation and many more. So, I will leave your great desire to be a journalist with this comment, "I think you may be more qualified as an escort then an explorer."

one other reply:

I am a 55 year old woman who is widowed. I have two grown children and a grandchild. (he's beautiful, BTW) I work full time as a receptionist in a retirement community. I've been there over 20 years. I enjoy reading, movies, and photography. I do yoga and walk as much as I can to ward off the heart disease that runs in my family.

And...oh yes...I have this hobby. It's called Second Life. Please stop insulting me.

the childish reply:

I really liked the article about a second life. I am a middle school teacher and everyone, parents and children, are stuck behind a computor way too much. Get outside, move around find somthing real and productive to do!

Doing somthing make believe is great when you are five but real life can be much more satisfying:)

As to the 55 year old woman, well I am 59 and I feel sorry for you if that's your hobby making believe. Perhaps you should join a literary circle and make some real people contact. I have grandchildren and I go to the park and play, sledding in the snow or take them on nature walks. Most working individuals wouldn't have time for a phoney second life because real life is very demanding.

In conclusion if I want to do somthing I want to really do it, not just pretend, where the self satisfaction in that?

and my reply to her:

It's sad when one person's only way to validate their life is by putting down another. Raising the ante (I'm 59 she's 55) as if to say you are smarter by 4 years is known in all business circles as a small person trying hard to be taken seriously.
You'd have probably advised Ann Frank not to write her diary (confined for 2 years) but get out and join a club. So much of what keeps you alive was created in atmospheres you'd disapprove of.
I'm not sure if your misunderstanding comes from not knowing there is socialization in SecondLife or perhaps the inability for you to be creative (which is not an insult.) Creative people always need readers, watchers, users, followers.
As to your 'most working people,'I have worked for 50 years and am still top in my firstlife business. I have been highly successful (believe me this is accurate and if you need to measure size I'd be happy to) in several other businesses.I travel around the world regularly and will be off to St. Barth's in a couple of weeks. I maintain friends from college to seniors in nursing homes. I could continue with the homes I've built by hand. The songs I've written produced etc. But the most important fact I can leave you with is NOT TO JUDGE others who do no harm. Imagine, your grandchildren wouldn't exist if you hadn't stayed home one day to produce children (when you could have been at a literary club instead of whatever performance art you called your childrens conception.

Happy Peace Day

Thursday, January 14, 2010

LaurenLive 6pm SLT @ ThirdWorld Hope to see you all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday with Lauren-4:30pm SLT Tonight. I'm here now. It's a peasant's feast of comedy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

LaurenLive 3pm SLT -Sat Jan 9th (I'm here now getting ready)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Plastic Dreams - Ming Bridges' Virtual Music Video

There are times you simply love what your friends make and then you want to share with friends who have never seen. This is one of those videos my dear friend Pooky Amersterdam with others made. Have fun listening

Please Think About Helping Me

I would so appreciate it if you could find the time to vote (each day you can vote again) for me at the Streamy's

Streamy Voting

There is no way any of us in SL can win. This is a big event but all of you can at least make a difference and perhaps they will know we do perform in SL.

These are the categories I am listed in. When you go to the link above you will see you can change to single submission. First vote best comedy and then the others. It's a bit tiresome since it closes the window after each vote.

Best Comedy - LaurenLive
Best Actress in a Comedy - Lauren Weyland
Best Director of a Comedy - Lauren Weyland
Best Writer of a Comedy - Lauren Weyland

Love you all for your support and friendship

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LaurenLive Tonight at 4:20pm

LaurenLive 4:20pm SLT - the new 2010 improved show. Better jokes. More skin. So come on down TONIGHT -Tues - Jan 5th. Of course when you land on the sim (Tropical Treet - ) you will have to head due south. For some reason Treet.TV is trying to keep me hidden.
LaurenLive 4:20pm SLT -TONIGHT- sim (Tropical Treet - )


2010 - Our own little space odyssey. Just to note Tonight, January 5th at 4:30pm SLT LaurenLive@Treet.TV (sim Tropical Treet - southern end of sim) You'll need to use map to find Lauren's Place.

As we begin a new year and a new decade let us all find new hope and optimism for ourselves and our friends. I am well aware how many of my friends in SecondLife and the entire digital universe suffer from financial stress and physical aliments. We have shared some of our deepest fears and our most profound joys.

(Now, I have to be careful here since if Crap reads this she will definitely do a robotic vomit but what can I say.)

I attended a meeting on Sunday hosted by "World2Worlds". Although it covered many areas of avatar life and soul I found many of the avatars don't allow themselves a 'true view' of who they are. I accept the fact that a vast majority of people are simply trying to find a way to cope with life itself by limiting the larger realm of truth.

And, I also accept that I have pushed the envelope so wide that perhaps I need a larger and more flexible envelope.

However, when I hear avatars say they are exactly who they are in firstlife and or women who have, often used, male avie alts and vice versa make such "exactly the same person," comments I feel they aren't allowing others to see who they are for many reasons. But also, I think their own fear of nonacceptance sends out camouflaged conversation.

And so to the point. If you have an avatar and use it frequently you are more then what you are in firstlife. Example, a full sized woman age 50 has a 28 year old Barbie shaped avatar she associates a part of herself as that avatar so she can't say she is 'exactly' who she is in firstlife and secondlife.

A woman who has a male avatar to enhance her fashion blog and says she has no associated sensory masculinity is hiding a truth. Once you create an avatar that no longer represents your age or gender or shape or in any other way is NOT exactly who you are in firstlife a metamorphosis occurs. You may want to deny it for safety sake but believe me you'd never pass a newly minted psychiatrist with the malarkey of stating 'no change'.

I write this blog so that each of you who read understand the expansion your having chosen an avatar has brought your mind. To understand that even if you have only made an avatar that is younger then the physical you, you've made a private statement on aging. But, I have yet to meet an avatar so single faceted. In fact, the avatars I know have expanded their souls. Some by doing things they never would have thought of as just firstlifers. Others by having beliefs, concepts, attitudes so radically changed there is no longer a world for them without their avatar (and/or alts) to accompany them.

The meeting Sunday with "World2Worlds" was a truly amazing show but at the same time it barely scratched the surface of "Who we are as avatars and How does it affect our Firstlives." Do not deny yourself the joy of what you have created because you fear the witch hunts of Salem but instead embrace the journey.

"Open the Pod Bay doors Hal."