Monday, November 30, 2009

PLEASE NOTE: The show is Dec 1st TUESDAY at 4:30pm SLT (please come 15 min. early)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eden Will Bloom - Music Video

Tamra Sands in SecondLife is one of the wonderful talents of our world. I am honored to call her friend

Monday, November 23, 2009


Now I guess this doesn't happen to you but it sure blonds' me out. Last week there was an email about embedding Treet.TV video onto your web page. There had been technical problems with the embedding code or something.

So, this email begins with one person explaining 'how to do' and then it happened. The dreaded email reply of novel length. The reply must have been a 1,000 words and I was lost before I got to the period in the second sentence.

This email elicited numerous replies each of technical manual length. I tried to read them but my white space was more in focus. Has that happened to you where you can believe the length of an email so you just read a few adjectives and delete? I'm not talking Spam. No, these are emails you should be concerned about but your brain cells are popping like firecrackers on your front lawn.

Each reply is as if the author is saying, "if you think you are erudite this email should prove you aren't."

And now (I did not create the following line but I do like it) it's like hearing, " Why don't you Twitter My Space, I'll Wave back and then you can Google all over my Facebook."

You can connect all of this together and get Sparkle for your Iphone eventually creating havoc on your reasoning abilities not to say anything about how you can't remember what to get when you're in the Supermarket (if you can even GPS your way there.)

Oh, and while we are on all of this Helter Skelter I noticed the other day there is a pad you can put your chargeable devices on so you don't need a three hundred socket outlet. But, I thought, if they can do that then why can't I just walk into my house and my little electrical friends simply get their personal electric fix from the charged air waves.

Next, each device will start to Twitter each other and we can finally find peace. Emails we can't understand will go to Spam. And finally our Metaverse will be a Betterverse for blonds.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LaurenLive at Moulin Rouge Nov 21 6pm

Tonight is a big night. I return to the Moulin Rouge and immediately after my show the fabulous dancers will pay a tribute to the Can Can and much more

Saturday from 7-9pm the Moulin Rouge comes alive with a special tribute performance directed by our own Goddess of the stage, Xanthia Lisle. She has outdone herself this time with her incredible set work, costumes and designs. She has brought together for your pleasure three of the timeless acts from the Moulin Rouge Movie. The selections are Lady Marmalade, Sparkling Diamonds (Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend), El Tango de Roxanne followed by our infamous Cancan Medley.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Open Mic with Lauren 4:30pm SLT Tonight

Tonight OPEN MIC with Lauren 4:30pm SLT. This is at Lauren's Place on Cookie Also tonight, JWheels Presents, the great EvaMoon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whinning on Wine

I found the wine article "A Hint of Hype" in the Wall Street Journal Weekend addition so true. Over the years I have enjoyed many fine bottles of wine (fortunately not at the expense of my own wallet very often.) Usually I have reserved my judgment for private reflection rather then make a public outcry to the phoniness of the rating system and even more often the phoniness of those who believe they are the great purveyors of wine truth sitting at the dinner table.

I've learned besides the truly occasional odd vinegars wines take on a wildness of their own. (one of my outbursts was over a rare vintage Petrus I found undrinkable. I think it's the most expensive bottle of wine ever poured down the drain by the chagrined host and I didn't have my blond shield on that time.)

Wine experience malfunctions:
Did you brush your teeth within the last 2 hours?
Do you have a cold?
What was the wine served with?
Did you have a drink prior?
Did she amuse your eyes before the bottle came?
Was the 20 year old Cabernet served at your 20th Anniversary soon to be forgotten party? And on and on.

In fact, from deep within my subjective outpouring cellar of thought, only one wine has ever stood the test of my 40 years of consumption and it's a desert wine. D'Yquem has never let me down as long as it's been aged long enough and I've been just tipsy enough by desert.

(ok, not the typical blog but then again I'm not your typical blond)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Cameltoe Song

Video came from this site....oh laugh

Moxy Barracuda On Stage In First LIfe

Last night I went to see the play "Outward Bound" by Sutton Vane. Although the play was written 75 years ago it was incredible today. Amazing how well acted it was and the wonderful way it was presented with a simple set that imparted all the feel of being on that ship.

You should know Moxy had a starring role. He was tremendous. The play is 3 Acts with 2 intermissions and I still didn't want it to be over when it was. Moxy listed in his credits performing in SecondLife. He listed his role as Puck in MSND . He also listed his performing as Moxy Barracuda the musician and most of you probably don't know he's not just 'an accomplished musician' but he's also a member of the Intl. Brotherhood of Magicians.

I can only wish all of his SL friends and fans had been there last night to see him perform. The theater was packed with regular theatergoers and they were simply thrilled. you. My hat's off. Your charm was evident (he played a Reverend) and your joy of the production was felt as well as your fellow actors.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's New Is Old: Yesterday Returns

I began to notice changes leading to a new view on the world we call SecondLife and the Metaverse. Perhaps you've noticed many of your friends are on less (I am not talking about those who've left the Metaverse). They are spending time in Blue Mars or at Rezzable Open Grid.

You've heard how Musicians find audiences shrinking and not sure what to do. You've heard the thoughts of SecondLife becoming small regional spheres of influence. You may have noticed NPIRL stopped writing their blog. And, if you haven't you should go read Bettina Tizzy's closing blog

I think this particular quote from the NPIRL blog is pertinent

I like to think Not Possible IRL has raised awareness of quality content, not just in Second Life but in other virtual worlds where User Generated Content is possible."

Now that I'm doing some recording for Treet.TV and after checking the advertising on Vain Magazine (SL mag on both web and in world) I have come to believe the future of performance art (Music, Books, Shows etc) will be a combination of a New Age Television (web based) Channel such as Treet .

This will have a new type of advertising associated with it and will be able to be seen on many different devices. Right now many Treet shows are posted to ITune Podcast but I see the return of the old Network Broadcast Stations. Treet will be able to cross metaverse platforms and shows like "Tonight Live", "First Question" and others will be (an old word) broadcast live to these other platforms.

In some ways, we can think of the various metaworlds as being other cities, towns, etc. In their earliest formation they will have their regional broadcast but eventually they will be networked. This network will be so cross platform we will one day see Treet.TV on your regular TV with it's own channel. (hey, I say Treet because that's where my show is).

There will be a live show in one Metaverse and watched by many who don't even visit that Metaverse and some who don't log on to any world but do use the Net. We will need smart, fun ads that are short. Show formats may include an hour long episode but also perhaps a simple musician's 15 minute Live show. Look at television (shows on architecture, underwater SL adventures) and any creative content keeping viewers coming back and staying longer.

We will have creators and in world viewers but we will also have completely passive 'organic couch potatoes."

Treet will need to not only produce good programming but also plan to keep the audience from one show to the next. At some point the producers will comment before their show is over what's coming up next.

Yes, at some point "What's New is Old." And we will be watching "Yesterday Returns."

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Favorite

I just love this commecial and the whole song is download Amazon for free

Monday, November 2, 2009

Phaylen LIVE - December 13th 2009

Absolutely a must watch. Phaylen rocks

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Great Hair Story

Treet.TV posted the video of my hair raising story