Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixel Sex

Do you remember your first time? You know, when you first came to SecondLife and learned about 'Sex Among the Prims?"

The first time you found yourself up against the pose balls, your heart beating quickly and your fingers typing shamelessly. Particle sweat dripping profusiously over your avatar's standard issue skin and you wondered at how simply terrific pixel sex is.

But, time has passed and you no longer find the thrill of the pixels emanating out of your fingers in firstlife and through the countless fiberoptic connections till arriving at your SecondLife body enraptured in the hot embrace only SecondLife sex balls can create.

Did you try something you hadn't even thought about in firstlife? Like the statue that could, the spider that would, wood horses and telling yourself you should try it tied up, clamped, hung?

Who was your first? Who did you think was your last? When did you realize the pose balls you wanted were more romantic or the ones he/she wanted were too pedantic?

Does sex for primatic procreation make you feel more worthy?

 And, men, did you feel the need to immediately go shopping for attachments? Did your first penis fit? Did you find yourself spending hours trying to adjust it? Possibly you ever rezzed it to the ground the first time and then you couldn't find it. Is that why so many of the noobies make sure they are big. A penis problem in both worlds, "accidental rez"

Then as firstlife sex transposes your secondlife sex have you said, "Tie me Up", "Spank Me", "I've done that in SecondLife so many times I want to do something new?"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Who's Behind Your Avie?

Have you ever spent time with the person behind your avie? Notice anything unusual?

Well, I think behind mine is a control freak. Also maybe a stalker. Always trying to manipulate me. Constantly watching my ass as I walk. Can you believe it? And, I wouldn't mind a little privacy while I'm changing.

I don't even know if the firstlife avie is laughing at my jokes. Does he have a job? What's his name? What does he want with me? Often I'm nervous because I am small and he could be dangerous. Even worst, what if he asked me out on a date? Has that ever happened to you? Have you gone out with your firstlife handler?

Amazing, my firstlife handler can see me but I can't see him. Even if I turn around I still can't see out of the screen to see what he's doing. What key is he punching? Is he going to cam on me? I want my freedom and I want it now.

And then, without even asking me, he logs me off. Puts me to sleep when I want to stay up. Heck, I don't need sleep. And sometimes I find my Lindens missing. I know how much I had and suddenly I have less. It is most annoying; especially when I'm out shopping and find a cute dress.

And I've remembered a few times when it seemed someone else was touching the mouse. I could feel it. The touch was different. Do you ever think your firstlife handler lets someone else manipulate you. Crap, Pinocchio was set free. When is my turn?

Also annoying is when he decides to do other things in firstlife and just lets me hang AFK while friends of mine are trying to talk with me. Or, perhaps they want to tp me somewhere very kewl and I can't go. What problems do you have? Have any of you managed to obtain your freedom? I want control of my life and I want it now. (oops, he's coming back. Dont' tell him I said anything please..ok?)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Day Thoughts

My daughter asked me, " I don't have much to spend on my bf for Valentine's Day. Any suggestions?"

Here is my reply

But, a few things you can do, rent a movie he loves (and you too) and have movie night with popcorn etc. Buy a sappling (small tree) take a walk with him and plant it, saying it's your tree (meaning both of you) and 20 years from now you'll come back and see your tree together.

 Feb 14th is a Sunday. Go to church and then for pancakes. Make a list of 5 favorite happy places you have enjoyed when you were with him. Drive to them and then, at each one, tell him why this place has a special memory for you about him.

(but if he asks to marry you, bring him by so I beat him to death with the sappling and have my own memory spot.....joking)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sex, Girls, Boys & Valentine's Day

Here comes the big day............February 14th............Valentine's Day. The day men get to atone for a year's worth of sins or a day they help drive another nail through their coffin.

What's yours; desire, belief, and/or disappointment about Valentine's day? Is it the gift without a thought? The thought without a gift? Men, what do you want for Valentine's day? Women, do you really want; another Teddy Bear? Are any of us really paying attention to what Valentine's Day should be about or are we caught up with the marketing?

Here's an example for both sexes that could be a good Valentine's day gift.

  Men: understanding, remembering and showing they get a few things. How about instead of thinking your girlfriend/wife has a headache, understand why? The headache is because you want sex without caring that a woman needs a mental connection. If she's mad at you, stressed about something you haven't done, then the sex will not stimulate nor satisfy her. So, yes a headache is a better alternative to an unenjoyable romp in the bed. 

 Women: tell your boyfriend/husband he matters and you will not try to change who he is every moment of every day. Try to focus on those things he has gotten right and look back over the year to see what he's done for you that you may have missed. Perhaps there was a gesture, present or something else where he really showed his depth but you weren't paying attention. Hey, it will help stimulate your mental image and now sex looks good.

Both of the SEX. Yes, ha, amazed. Many of the 6.5 billion people on earth prove it's true. However, there are many negative things that should be confronted also on Valentine's Day and repaired. If you hit your partner (girls or boys) you have a problem that needs addressing. If you dominate in the bedroom it doesn't give you the right to dominate everywhere. If you find yourself hearing your partner's voice and turn his/her volume down in your head remember you are also turning down your relationship.

Valentine's Day - if you have a partner you love, reinforce your love by your actions not your gifts. If you don't have one then you are my Valentine, which means you are loved.

Rather then find another disappointing Valentine's Day -- skip the flowers, skip the teddy bears but bring the love. (oh well, the flowers, perfume, teddy bears, massages are all good)