Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something's Up

The times they are a changin'. The crowds in SL seem to be dwindling. A few top performers are still making a draw especially newer performers who are exceptional. I wonder if the audience has a 1/2 life in SL.

In Firstlife you have the possibility of a geometric increase in recognition and audience participation. Over the past month I have visited many regular shows and spoken withlong time performers both noticing the decrease in audience and confirming such with the performers I've talked with.

What's up here?

Subjectively, I believe it's a combination of factors and I think only a few solutions can be effected although there are other critical elements which could be quite favorable but I feel will never be implemented.

As you know from a previous blog I discussed what the performers could do to increase their audience so I will, instead, focus on other areas

Problem: We are losing many venues in SL and their audience dispersing in SL or simply leaving SL.
Solutions: LindenLabs needs to take an active role in these solutions since the residents can do nothing on their own.
1. There needs to be two types of EVENT listings. The current one (which could be vastly improved and the Lindens have been quite aware of this but have done nothing.) Another would be to highlight Venues based on several different statistics. Popularity of the Venue. The amount of time the Venue dedicates to performance. A better category set up. Also, Venues should be able to pay for size of font and bold, italics, color or whatever makes sense to stand out in the Event listing. Here we are with a still boring Event listing service that excludes much and erroneous categorization.
2. When logging on we could use something better then the one line click to a single show (BurningLife etc.) Instead have a box with 5 upcoming shows in the next hour of note and the ability to click directly to events from there.
3. Hippo Group and similar non SL group managers fail to give crucial data. Example: there needs to be information regarding each fan member's last log-in and the ability to delete those not in world for a period of time by setting that amount of time.

Whether Linden Labs understands the value of anything besides education is questionable. Their inability to create digital copyright for creators and their disregard of the entire entertainment industry (except for SLCC lip service) is very destructive. There needs to be a dedicated group at LindenLabs who understand how to cohesively bring various fractions together for similar desires. There are many ways to do this in a digital push/pull social world. I just wish they would find one of them.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

LaurenLive Today Oct 24th 11am

Today Saturday Oct 24th at 11am LaurenLive a benefit for Breast Cancer Research http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bella%20Vida/127/125/26

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok, this is a pretty kewl video. See if you can name the people in it

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bandwidth: the New Obesity

This will be brief. AT&T, Time Warner and other bandwidth providers are testing bandwidth plans coupled with monthly total usage.

Example AT&T is offering there top service of 18meg with 150 gig cap per month for $65...and down you go. No more unlimited bandwidth.

So, does anyone know how many gigs per hour we use on SL? Or, how much with Twitter, Facebook and everything else?

Are we about to be stifled? Because if so, I say broadband should be nationalized. In Finland it is now a 'right.' But the country that offers the most bandwidth with unlimited usage will have a better chance to be in the forefront of many global achievements. And limiting the amount will be another way to close a possible door to prosperity for the underprivileged.

I would love to know how this effects us in SL?

Thank You and Curtsy

I want to thank all those who've come to my shows and supported me over these years. Last night's show which was recorded for Treet.TV was one of my favorite performances. (hey, I liked it) And although there were many regulars (Lailu, Crap, Thinkerer just to name a few) and some who come from time to time (Doran, Fur and others) amazingly there were a vast number of new souls and friends who came for the evening. Forty-Five wonderful avies attended and most stayed for the remarkable Tamra Sands concert after. (there are lots of names I didn't mention here. It was a space thing. The space between my ears.)

Hopefully, those of you who read my blog, will forgive me the lapse between them lately and also my advertising my shows here. I've been advertising my shows here, facebook and twitter (besides my group) since the marketing people from McKinsey & Co suggested I could boost my ratings and perhaps make enough pin money to put Lula through college someday. There are so many good colleges in SecondLife to choose from too.

For those of you who haven't done this yet I suggest you look into downloading the Emerald Viewer (don't forget to download the Voice Patch too) and follow all the instructions for installation. The viewer rocks.

If you haven't seen Crap Mariner's blog you should and if you can find her current flickr account I suggest you do. You may also want to check out Ana's Blog for a few selections she's made (and awards.)

Next two shows. Oct 23rd at 5pm and Oct 24th 11am. See you then Lauren

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LaurenLive and Treet TV Oct 20th at 4:30pm SLT

Come on down and have a laugh with me tonight. Tonight will be a new format and lots of new laughs. If you have your Emerald Viewer and have bounce turned on you will see a new and wonderful boobie show. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ivy%20Falls/27/11/503 After JWheels presents the lovely singer and guitarist Tamra Sands. So come have fun

Saturday, October 17, 2009

LaurenLive at Burning Life

I'll be at BurningLife today, Oct 17 5pm SLT. Here's the slurl http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Trego/6/9/24

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Lauren On Love

Dear Lauren:
I have a serious problem and wonder if you could help me. I am new in SL and just got a penis but I don’t know how to position it. Can you come lend me a hand? Nervous

Dear Nervous:
If I lend you a hand you will turn from nervous to fearful
Dear Lauren:
I think my master is cheating on me. What should I do? Concerned

Dear Concerned:
Tighten your collar.

Dear Lauren:
I am so in love. My girlfriend and I want to partner but I don’t have 10L. Can you Help? Helpless in Seattle

Dear Helpless in Seattle:
First off you need 35L since departnering is 25L which will come at you fast.
Dear Lauren:
My inventory is a total nightmare. I have 47,000 items. What can I do? Cluttered

Dear Cluttered:
Do what I do. Throw everything out but your shoes. You’ll feel much better and like me you’ll probably get down to 10,000 items

More to come

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just to Funny

So, I'm out shopping for vaginas. Yes, you always have to see what's happening in the vagina department. Anyhow, I'm at a sim where they are selling the latest 3D vagina. (Thank god since a 2D vagina would be a bitch to penetrate.)

Anyhow, the sign says, "Five States of Arousal," and all I could think...California, New York, Nevada, Florida and couldn't figure out the 5th when this couple comes in and they are both talking SL stupid. I'm standing there hoping they don't ask me to their wedding and then they're cooing each other about all this vagina offers.

My mind began to twist and I noticed the sign said you could copy and modify the vagina (no transfer fortunately). Suddenly I couldn't help myself. I blurted out in chat, "You know you could always make a copy and attach a couple of them to your body."

Hearing myself say that I suddenly wondered if I would be turned in for Abuse..but no..the good lad turned to his dear and said, "Oh sweetie could you mod one to fit your mouth." It was at this moment I knew they were in love and SL would forever be a place for lonely hearts and multiple pussies.

Of course, how could I help myself. I was encouraged to believe I could make this relationship even more special so I reminded the gent he could rez a penis on his mouth and they could truly be in welded bliss forever.

Guess I need another sedative. See you all soon. BTW LaurenLive and Treet TV will now be on October 20th (Tues) at 5:00pm SLT maybe...and not sure next month...will try to let you all know.