Monday, October 29, 2007

What I Did This Weekend

What an amazing weekend. After about two months of rehearsals every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (about 9 hours per week for me, more for others) the Halloween Spooktacular three short plays were performed live in SL Voice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. BTW, just found out the show was broadcast live in Amsterdam

But the most important reason I am writing about this is to urge each of you who have wanted to try something creative in Second Life, go for it. Find it. This production was by ActUp. There is poetry with Blue Angel. Literary events and plays with SLiterary and many other groups to join and be a part of.

Look I had simply wanted to be the costume assistant girl. But, my friend asked me to come to the audition and watch. That was all until they needed someone to help read a part. Then I get asked a few days later if I would be in the show. I don't even know why I said yes. Especially since I ended up with two of my three parts as male (and with male av, shape etc). It took two bubble baths, two shampoos, shaving my legs and doing my nails to get that old man HG Wells out of my hair and body. Also to wash out Frankenstein's father too.

But what fun. And what a way to meet new people. The talent was amazing at all levels. The actors were Allie, Blaze, Bianca, Callie, Elyse, Paggles, Thorsson, Upo et moi.Writers Kierkan, Maxie, Taiga. Directors included Elyse, Eva and Marin. Sets by Bianca and Erlich. Costumes by Elyse and not me ;( And our Stage manager GOD Ashran. And the show was produced by Marin and Preston.

Think about all of us and the audience needing their internet connections, computers, SecondLife functioning. Oh yes, there were snags. Eva had to substitute for Allie when Allie's sound crashed. Elyse was on stage blind. Callie got locked behind a prim. And many other little things happened that I don't think the audience really noticed. (Like Pags had to get me to unmute in our scene together)

So, go out and be apart of SecondLife arts. Hey, I still found plenty of time to go shopping, visit new sims and do a few of my comedy routines. (And i'm doing three shows this week).

Finally, I have been getting some feedback. Some laudatory and some constructive criticism. I thank you all for that. Oh and btw if you have a funniest time in SL or a funny thing happened to you at the mall. Even if just your thong made you laugh, let me know.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


How do you manage the two lives we all live now? (and some of you even more!) No matter how similar you've madeSecondLife is to your FirstLife , it is different. For me the crossover point is my personality. I am just as loud and outrageous in FirstLife as SecondLife. But, the differences are huge for me. You all know me as Lauren. And who you know I am. Part of me lives everyday as Lauren. Lauren didn't come alive when SecondLife began. No, she's been with me since consciousness.

So, what part of you has Secondlife allowed voice to? For some I know it's the joyous, vibrant you that has been stifled by bars Firstlife enclosed you in over the years. For others I know it's your deeper soul. For griefers I am not sure what it is at all.

What do all of you mean to me in both firstlife and secondlife? You all share a place in my consciousness and have brought me more joy then I imagined possible.

Now, my soul and body have expanded in such a way that I believe if I am ever to love deeply again. If I am ever to have a partner again. If I am ever to be enthralled again. She will come from Secondlife into FirstLife. She will be someone who knows me here and whom I know as well. She will be someone who enjoys my boisterous behavior. Cares about this side of me as well as me in FirstLife. And, I will know the same about her.

So, why this blog? Because, I believe optimism SecondLife gives us is one each of us should have and deserve. Especially those of you who have a single heart yearning for love as well. We are here together. We are friends forever. We will never except less for our heart. And we deserve more then we ever dreamed and we are worth more then we ever asked for.

I believe in all of you and your dreams. I believe in the love you share is true love. And, I know i am fortunate you are in my life.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh, I'll be away until Wednesday Oct 24th. I have so much I want to tell all of you but I must go to bed. My show last night crashed 4 sims. The most wonderful friends in the world came and I had a joyous time. More when I get back.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Busy

What a few days. The ActUp Halloween show (SL performance) demands so much time lately I haven't had time to do a show. We are practicing nearly 12 hours per week in SL. The cast and directors are a kick. Getting everyone to show up on time is most difficult. Getting everyone to rehearse without anyone crashing is impossible.

Oh, btw there are some great sales at Glam (upstairs) and Last Call has a new shoe store that will eat into your wallet as Pac-Woman ate the little digital yummies. Does anyone remember Pac-Woman?

Anyhow, I'm off to get my hair done. See you all later. HUGS

Sunday, October 7, 2007


What is this incessant desire to shop all about? Does anyone know if there is a 'shopacoholic' crises club in SL?

And why do I go to the discount/sale and buy a blouse there when I really wanted one of the new items?

I've been throwing everything out of my inventory except for clothes. I use to have them in my closet neatly arranged. Blouses, Lingerie, Dresses, Jeans, Shoes. Now? I've got my whole closet in such a mess I've afraid I'll end up buying the same outfit I have one day.

And shoes.....I can't stop myself. No sooner then I buy a pair and think I have enough I end up looking at shoes I don't have and want. I spent nearly two hours today at Last Call shoe store drooling over various pairs I don't own but want to buy.

Oh, must leave now. I've got a show in one hour. Sunday at 1:30pm (SL time ---is there another?)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Could this be October

How did we get to October? So much has happened in SL over these past days. Rehearsals for the Halloween show have been time consuming but fun. A show was cancelled and two new ones scheduled. (I will be doing a show this Sunday, Oct 7th, at 1pm SL time. Will follow up in Lauren Live group this weekend with Slurl.

Had a griefer attack me on Monday night. Spammed me to death. Never understand what the fun is of being a griefer. It's the loneliest way to be on the planet. And, why would you want to make someone feel bad. I just don't get it. SL is a social environment. Griefing is a subculture without merit here. But, I guess these are the people who cram your email with their need to be heard. But such an attitude is one who will not be seen.

My friend Elyse Flannigan has a nightclub, CXIII where the disco music is very hot. I also suggest you should read the latest issue of for two reasons. There is a wonderful article on a truly inspired SL artist. And, (eekee) there is the story I wrote about "Conception, Gestation and Birth in SL"