Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SL Divorce

So here is the quandry. Many of my friends partner/marry and then they get divorced/unpartner. Well, the weddings and parties we all get to attend but how does it all end. Who get's the prim and who gets the land?

So, I found a few SL marriage counselors. (next time i'll visit the lawyers in SL) The most prominant is Gabbie Gabe who has a nice office in SL and specializes in marital disharmony. On her wall is a degree announcing 600 hours of credentials signed by the President Sigmuend Freud.

Another was the SL Love Clinic. Apparently you hang a picture of you and your partner on a wall and some mystical force will strengthen your SL affair. BTW, this place is at a beach and there is a nice little sex toy shop nearby that is not associated with the Clinic but I assume is doing more business.

Oh, of course there is MyTherapyNet.com that purports they have over 1,000 licensed pyschologists and are only a web click away. (None were in SL).

Yes, there were two churchs with these services but I was afraid to enter due to a lack of conviction.

Last I went the Crisis Resolution. This particular company is also involved with sorting out business crisis as well. Unfortunately they are out of business.

I have made an appointment with Gabbie. I am curious whom should I look at as a potential partner and how do I gently say no. Hopefully my session will be in voice.

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