Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where Did They Go?

At this time of the year in both FirstLife and SecondLife I begin to think of those people I haven't talked with or seen for the past year. This will culminate by New Years in FirstLife because I start calling them to wish Happy Thanksgiving and all the holidays and holy days till finally Happy New Year.

Some of the FirstLifers disappear and then reappear a few years later. Some I hear about through mutual friends and in someway we still are connected. It ain't purrfect but it has connectivity.

Here in SecondLife friends leave and you never hear from them again. Gone................gone where? Into Firstlife some. A new av for others but gone.

I would like my friendships in SecondLife to claim some permanency. Like FirstLife I don't mind some falling through the cracks of time and space but here I lose too many. I don't know if their horrid marriage in FirstLife was finally resolved. Did their sick child get better.

Oh, yes we do talk deeply about our first lives. Many times more in depth then we would with those friends in FirstLife and then some of my friends just disappear.

So, if you are one of my friends not spoken to in a long time and you have somehow meandered your way to this blog just know I do think about you. I wish you well. And from here to New Year's I will reminisce. Look at my photo album and smile about our times together.

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