Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There is much happening in May so mark your calendars.

"Rezzables," is a major undertaking which will open in mid May and run until mid June. Please keep an eye out on this at http://npirl.blogspot.com/
Some 70 builders will entice you with great thoughts with an underlying topic. This will be one of those pleasures to take a friend on the excursion and since it will be open for 2 months there will be time to explore all the builds.

UNEXPECTED DETOURS a production by"Act Up" will be comprised of 3 new One Act plays on May 16th and also there will be an improv piece at the end by students who took classes this year. Since seating is always limited you should try to get in touch with Marin Mielziner to be kept up to date. Also you can ask Marin about future classes if you are interested.

The Breast Cancert Event raised over 210,000L and was a great success. Again I thank you all for your support. You show up regularly and laugh at my jokes, even when some are not so funny. For me laughter is like having a orgasm without having to worry if your partners has.

This week, one of our members in Lauren Live contacted me to say she would not be on SecondLife much in the future. She took the time to warm my tears with her comment I had made her laugh when she most needed to. Her personal situation was collapsing (and now has) and she must now extricate herself from the untenable relationship. Moving, resolving financial issue and tears would limit her time to come to SL. That my comedy had been a balm for these wounds was heart warming. I don't always realize how important a laugh can be.

And this leads here. MEN>>>>>MEN>>>>>>please listen. We enter a relationship...it is entered with love, consideration and hope. But over time and for many people the love turns bitter, consideration becomes disturbing and hope vanishes. MEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MEN>>>>>> during those early stages and even to the end your woman has really given you her deepest treasure, 'her heart'. You have all felt the desire to bea a valiant, gentleman............but too often, as the relationship collapses you don't see her as woman on a pedestal but instead woman from the "taming of the shrew."

I want you to completely change something about this. You all know...MEN..MEN....you hold on while you push off...until the woman has no choice but to break the relationship. I don't have statistics but I believe over 70% of relationships are ended by the woman.
MEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>MEN>>>>>when this time comes....try to find the part of your brain that loved her. The jewelry you bought her in love let her take with her with love. Don't look at her as an expense when it is over (Yes, so many of you will say, "Do you know how much I spent on you?")

I want you to get up on your white horse. To think how a father would treat his daughter and take the high road. Instead, at the end, even when she says it's over, look at the circumstance and hope you can leave her (and should a child be a part of this relationship) in the safety a woman needs so badly to recuperate. (Ok...men...........men.....I am not talking about the woman who leaves you for another man....in that case....just smile and leave. Be thankful you have your life and try to ask yourself were you in anyway the cause of this. Drop the jealousy, smile and as a hunter in the jungle whose arrow had missed the target, walk on. Breathe the air, see the sky, be happy to be alive.

MEN>>>>>>>>>>>MEN>>>>>>>>>>please be a MAN at this time. You really don't need all the material stuff but instead you want it as payment for your time. Ridiculous. And MEN........never let that woman leave with nothing and pat yourself on the back. Do you know how many women do exactly that? Just because the love is gone doesn't mean you shouldn't still treat her as a woman. If you had never met her would you open the door? Would you help her if she had a highway problem? Would you think, "This is going to cost me time and time is money?" No, you wouldn't

So......MEN>>>>>>>>>>>MEN>>>>we know it's not easy but we also know you can do it and you will love yourself more if you do and leave us with memories that will last forever in the smile part of our life album.

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