Thursday, April 10, 2008

Congress Pokes Around SecondLife

Ok, nothing can be funnier then this and at the same time sadder. In case you didn't see this I am putting a link to the Daily Shows take on Congress and the virtual world

Comical Side --- Congressional hearings regarding terrorists being trained in SL. Oh please, where? In Gor? Playing Zyngo? Shopping for dresses? I think the government could be paying a bit more attention to what is happening within the non-virtual world. Perhaps having wondered about the mortgage market. Figure out why they lie about a 'strong dollar' as it falls everyday to new historical low. And then the one joke is on the one woman wearing a 'red dress and looking like a hooker." Yes, pick on us women. That's what old men do to pretend they aren't wrinkly.

A Modest Proposal -- Let us women run the government....we will create 9 sims for the men to enjoy. We will pack them up with guns, health meters, medals, booze, centerfold pictures and barrels of Vaseline. The 9 sims could each be a country and they could spend the time invading each other...over and out medals. When not warring they can enjoy the comfort of their centerfold pictures, booze and Vaseline.
In the meantime we can fix everything on earth, cook and eat what we want. Clean the house and it stays clean. Ok, I'm being a tad ridiculous but can you blame me?

Sad Comment -- Every time someone on broadcast and cable television speaks about SecondLife you get the comments like (Jon Stewart), 'they don't have a firstlife.' To the CNBC attitude we all have cooties. So let me say this to all of you in such media. First, all of you have a secondlife, you are just still keeping it in the closet. When you are having sex with your partner and think of something else you are in your private secondlife. When you see a Ferrari and stop to dream of driving are in your limited secondlife. When you think or do something counterculture and ashamed of it and then denigrate those of us in Secondlife you are protecting your own craziness by trying to prove you are a part of the limited edition of normal. You are the same people who when they saw television made the same comments about that and now you are on what you denigrated then.

To all my friends of SecondLife - remember this. We socialize about our dreams and desires. Can anyone who doesn't; judge anything we do? No, because no where in history have they been right. And throughout history we are the ones who pushed the world forward. So, when you hear a comment of denigration by those in their own little play world called 'television' remember....their medium is disappearing faster then intelligence in Washington.

Oops, time for me start laughing....laughing at all those fakers who are probably in Gor right now begging to be whipped. Ha.....the comment, 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone,' must have a bad translation in the books they are reading. God is revising the commandments. Removing that one about not 'coveting your neighbor's wife' (hey it doesn't say anything about coveting your neighbor's husband and why is that?) So in replacement. "Thou shalt not listen to digital images on either cable or broadcast television unless you are laughing in SecondLife."


Dave Wieneke said...

Hi Lauren,

I agree, there's something comical about the Congressional Audio Video Club having a Second Life hearing on April Fool's Day.

There's an attraction to have hearings about BS pop topics (Did Clements use steriods? Is SL any good) rather than the totally obvious trainwrecks in progress - how to fund Medicaid, the war that's been totally charged on credit, global warming, and a lost foriegn policy.

Everything will be just fine, unless something forseen happens!

Thanks for you for pointing this out, and with a smile too. And for your encourage of my blog.

All the best,
Dave Wieneke

Sami said...

Hey I came across your blog and was wondering if you'd be interested in attending and performing at the Last Laugh Comedy Club (can't get to the SLurl right now). I have a set there Friday 9pm SLT. If you come by you can do a set with me, plus would love to see if you think the club is doing any good.

Oh yeah, in-world I am Orionalation Carver.

Alexa Daikon said...

Awesome post yet again girlie.

I saw the Daily Show clip and laughed and laughed and laughed. I didn't get offended by what they said about it, why you ask? Because they haven't experienced it. If I hadn't gone in SL and heard about it I would probably make the same ignorant comments they have, but since I am living in SL all I do is laugh at the idiots who make the comments going "na na na na you have no idea what you're talking about" and move on my merry virtual way.

I do, however, agree with you that they should really be focusing on the stuff that is affecting the REAL world and not try to come in and 'spread democracy' to SL, or whatever they're doing. Will that happen? Not until women take over the government, but one can always hope :D

love ya!