Sunday, May 4, 2008

MEN - Where are they? Can you take them home?

Interesting that I received a few comments (privately) from men who asked me if I would write something nice about them. Apparently I've been harsh and so today is about many of the good things about men. (BTW, I'm talking about men, you know the ones who open the door and help us out of the car, which we can't do ourselves since the tight full length dress is already enough to deal with.)

The men who carry a cloth handkerchief for when we cry even though they may be tears of joy, sorrow or the three hundred other reasons we cry. When the relationship goes south (or marriage) they want to see us (and children if there are any) do well and are happy they gave us those jewels and want us to keep them. The men who never say how much they've spent on us and notice when we buy a new outfit or change our hair etc.

So, to those men, this bud is for you (that's the flower bud of womanhood). We appreciate you so much when you are there. We miss you when you are away. We love to laugh together and smile realizing the world is so much bigger because of two different points of views.

We know you work hard and often can't figure out how we'll afford things. We have grabbed shovels to help you by working, doing the family accounting because we love you. We understand when your hair is falling out it's not a happy bathroom sight. Or the day you find your waist is the same size but it's what is above the waist that has expanded.

Yes, many of our hair creations are nightmares. We are sorry we have scared you with some of them. Thanks for the patience and a smile having to stop so often for us to use a bathroom (no we won't ever tell you anything more then we have to pee)

We love that you aren't a great dancer but you'll still dance with us. And understand the times you've waited for us at a shop we had to go buy something you didn't think we needed. That you've never counted how many pairs of shoes we own. And never have the feeling you own us.

So, to all the MEN out there. We love you.

(now more emails, Im's etc wondering why I have not written nicely about men. Lauren the Magnificent has spoken). Drat what a childish ego I just displayed.)


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