Friday, April 25, 2008

Charitable Events

Tonight I am doing a show at 6pmSLT with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer research in firstlife. I certainly hope you can come.

But, this raises a question. Do you go to benefits that are not a primary concern of yours? Do you tend to give money?

Also, are there benefit scams in SL? Can you get a write-off for your gift? Would you give more if you were certain of the legality of paying in SL for a recognized charity?

I ask this because I have done many charitable shows in SL. Nearly every fiber of my body loves helping others. So many people in SL give time and energy for various charitable events. There are even Charitable groups. In fact SecondLife lends itself to doing a major event, around the world at lower cost and a more environmental footprint.

FirstLife Charitable events that are not neighborhood events use fuel to transport both the entertainers and the audience. Actually many events the entertainers (big headliners) don't really give their time for free. At the very least they expect first class treatment on getting them to the venue etc. Many donate just a part of their fee and then file as a charitable deduction. Often they tie in the sale of a new cd or a coming movie so that the event helps them in non-event commercial business and none of that goes towards the charity.

So, although we cannot raise the same funds firstlife does (not yet). I think we are more efficient in many ways and I have a sense SecondLife reaches many who could not afford an expensive firstlife event but in SecondLife they find themselves in the front row and an important part of the event.

In so many ways I find SL the greatest common denominator of intelligence yet to occur in history. Our reach is like none other. From the Arts, Entertainment, Comedy, Life we extend humanity to a level of unequaled equality. I am hopeful over time we in SecondLife will make a major difference in the field of Global Charitable Good.

So............please come............IM me. BTW, any thoughts you'd like to tell me but don't want to leave as a comment, please email me at

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