Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is There Life after SecondLife

Ramblings of a mad woman:

Ok so the new update comes along and it's 1.20.8760 or something. When did the techies start adding so many nth's after the second ===period . ===? I mean will we have another 1240 updates before we get to 1.21.0 or will they just keep adding so it looks like 1.20.8975623402342453450304?
I'd love to know.

BTW after serious study of the new update I have this to report. First, an amazing amount of talent and time were spent making this new larger gray/black bar to outline the scale of possibility of getting into SL. I mean did someone sit at the table and say, "We've heard from numerous SL'ers that this is their most important issue.

And, then after tearing apart the code and reviewing everything, I see they took all the problems and glitches of the last year and rolled them into this update. Is it a reminder of things past or do they feel our crashes, lost inventory, disintegrated sims, fluctuating textures, dropped IM's, audio disruptions were game joys we were all missing?

Ok, next they'll come up with 'social algorithms'. Example, when we log on our friends list will show only 5 friends (they may or may not be on line) and these are the only ones we can contact until the algorithm refreshes the list.

Or perhaps they could just accidentally slip us into some, we don't know, voice conference where we can hear but they can't hear us. Actually, they could, if they had a technical staff introduce a sentence into a voice conference call from out of nowhere. Like, a major discussion by FFRC regarding new building or a grant to someone creative (ok..Forum for Rich Content) .....they could slip into the discussion, "Wow, that new Xcite penis is penetrating".

I've decided that all the 'red-lined' areas in SL are actually cordoned off due to some crime and that CSI SL'ers are using their SLultralights searching for semen in 'all the right places.'

Ok....I can't help it....I'll shut up....but please please Mr. and Mrs Linden. make the next update be an upper...or else let us 'down' gently date.


Alexa Daikon said...

LMAO! I dunno about you Lauren but I LOVE all the glitches- it makes SL must more interesting.


/me pleads along with Lauren "PLEASE FIX SL! You are torturing those of us that live on it!!! KTHXBAI"

A. Starostin said...

'social algorithms' I'm LMAO!! Oooh there is a new xcite penis?!? omg!! :))