Monday, April 7, 2008

What's so Funny

What's so funny in SL you start giggling? Here are some of my favorites.

1. In Appearance.....shape...slider bar.....making my ass smaller or tits larger....I start laughing when I think about this being transferred to FirstLife.
2. People who redline their property. I mean do they believe when they are away someone may steal their new sofa. Or if they are there....having they think this stops those who wish to see? Do they ever stop and think. ..hmmmm... probably there are a dozen Lindens hovering over a super large monitor listening, watching and laughing.
3.One of my favorites is an oldie. I still try on an old pair of free thongs just to laugh as the only part that is covered is the clitoris. I guess that is considered modesty in today's world.
4. SL Voice when someone has their mic on and is talking with a loved one on the phone. Whether it is love, a fight or just setting up a date it is a wonderful comedic moment.
5. Xcite sim conversations.
6. The Lindens postings regarding problems under repair. They all sound like the Linden on the most Prozac gets the task of writing the apology.
7. Women who say they are happily married in both first and second Life. (For men we know they're lying)
8. A female dragon and a male tiny as partners.....especially when they are out at a concert.
9. A griefer meeting a tougher griefer. (yep...seen's rare but it is great)
10.Landing at a formal party with your hair and shoe up your ass as all your friends say, "Hi"
11. Walking along and finding yourself sinking deeper and deeper in the land until you realize you aren't moving at all.
12. Comics who aren't funny. Musicians who aren't musicians. Builders who can't build. Scripters who can't script. But of course, only if all of them think they are good.
13. Prim skirts that don't fit and when you try to edit them they just get worse until you delete them.
14. Male genitals.
15. Sex balls that throw you a mile off when you stand.
16. Kitchens.

Hey list yours....I know I've missed a million..............Love you all Lauren

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