Thursday, April 10, 2008

LOVE ----Men and Women Differ

Oh, so you all think love means the same thing on the other side of the table. Think again. There is plenty of land we both walk on called LOVE....but there is other land that belongs just to man and other land the belongs just to women and neither have walked on nor understood.

Now, of course, I am bias and would say we women have trod throughout the fields and seen all the land of love man plants and trees but that would be false. So, perhaps I should least we've crossed the borders from time to time.

LOVE, girls love to hear it and guys just afraid to say it. But that's too easy an answer. Why do girls find they can say "I Love You" to their boyfriend and a few months later say to the new boyfriend the same thing? Do you really think boys don't say it because they are just afraid. How about reasons like they think it when you aren't there and at the moment it held all the depth of love but later together they feel it's trite to say "I Love You." (though of course they could improve by simply saying that earlier there was a moment earlier....where they were and what they felt.

And girls, what do we mean when we say, "I Love You"? What about you are cooking a great meal, went shopping earlier and needed to go to three stores to get all the ingredients for this meal. You are thinking happy thoughts of your boyfriend/husband and you are home peeling, dicing, listening to music, feeling good saying in your brain how much, "I LOVE HIM". He comes home you trade hellos across the hall into the kitchen. A bit later he's sitting at the table and you walk in all pretty, new dress, full of joy, serving him dinner and then sitting in your chair. He says thank you and looks up and smiles at you. Now during dinner he's talking to you about something happened in his day etc. You are already a bit upset he didn't notice the new dress. You look and see him sorting out the mushrooms and peas and pushing them into the corner. As he finishes dinner, he looks up and says, "Wow, that was good." And inside you want to kill him. (And it's not even those two weeks when wanting to kill him is just a natural feeling.)

He's been at work all day (and girls, we all go to work. This is not some he works and you cook study. It's just a dissertation on love.) Everything has gone great all day. Business was good but he's exhausted and when he comes in the door you go up kiss him and tell him the garbage disposal is broken or that little bobby failed lunch. All of instruments begin to go haywire and the Love Dial snaps to zero.

And, there are so many created love demands that the phoniness is sprinkled throughout the year and our desire of naturalness becomes a conflict. Valentine's Day.....oh great.....February 14th but I feel so much love on February 6th. I buy a nice gift and wait until February 14th and the day before we had a fight. Movies, showing us how our relationship should be by actors who don't have any . The crisis of the Christmas present. Religion, oh don't get me started .

Remember our love is more from the warmth of the womb. Their love is more from the protection of the hunter. Yes, yes...........we all jump over the sides and back again. Many women today are the hunters and the men the domestic caregivers. (I'd love to ask a number of these relationships many questions. I think I would find some beautiful answers I cannot even think of.)

So, What do you think the differences are? Do you want a blog on How To Love? Or, would you just like a dinner menu with recipes?

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