Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FirstLife-SecondLife-Hop,Skip, Jump

So, I am thinking of buying a pink and a blue foam ball about six inches in diameter (15.24 centimeters). You know, that I could squeeze small and keep in my pocketbook and then when out on a date, after the appetizers, if all looked ok I could pull them out and just put them on the table.

Or if we went dancing, just toss them on the dance floor. (Bet in a crowd some would giggle knowing what they represented.)

Also, I would have that "Take All Clothes Off" click somewhere nearby just in case. And I would love to have my Mysti tool with me. Could turn the "Anti-push" to 100% and then not get groped.

OMG, I saw one of these TV products they were selling. Some little high powered thing that would let you hear what people were saying. Of course they show how good it would be for watching tv in bed, at a sports event and of course to eavesdrop. Eavesdropping, can you believe it? Another product from Linden Labs probably. I think this product should be kept on the same shelf as the comic book Xray glasses that supposedly let you see through our dresses.

We need a SL version of Cosmopolitan. You know, "Ten ways to have better Sex in SL". Or, "How to tell if he loves you." Yes, and let's not forget beauty tips for getting rid of SL cellulite.

See you soon.....hugs and kisses....and don't forget, "May your skirts be short and your legs long."

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