Thursday, January 31, 2008


IN THE PINK ----A first time event in SecondLife.

SL's production of the "Vagina Monologues", the first of its kind for V-Day, was to have raised funds for its campaign to end violence against women. 90,000 Linden had been donated to the cause and of course. All funds were returned when VDay explained why we could not perform the Vagina Monologues.

Despite the setback, SL Producers and cast members have rallied, unanimously deciding to present a new play to support V-Day... albeit in altered format. And this is a FIRST. A play written by the women of SecondLife about being a woman. This play created in SecondLife could possibly be a crossover and find itself performed in FirstLife eventually.

"In the Pink", penned in part by women of Second Life, is currently in production. It will feature
V-Day's tenth anniversary "Spotlight Monologue", a salute to the women of New Orleans.

Sponsors and Donations are now being accepted. Please contact VDayAccountant Telling (give your donation and a notecard with your name and how you'd like your name to be in our sponsor book. If you would like a Donation Kit (so to set up on your property) let us know.

" We're overwhelmed by the strong support already shown by the residents of Second Life, and our mission continues to be to raise funds for V-Day has agreed that we may continue to use their logos in our production and fundraising efforts. They have also agreed that we may use "Welcome to the Wetlands" and letter from Eve Ensler in our production to promote V-day in New Orleans later this year."

"In the Pink" will celebrate the strength of women everywhere and call attention to the problem of violence against women," she said. "It will be our take on female sexuality and what it means to be a woman, in RL and SL."

Production of "In The Pink" is well underway, with performances slated for March 8, 2008. Information on venues and ticketing will be released soon.

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