Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is Art worth in SL?

This should not be the issue to this story but it is because I am about to say that thirty minutes of a show in Secondlife is worth the admission price of 1000L to 3,000L?

ZeroG SkyDancers is the event I am talking about. I have a few pictures up on my Flickr but that doesn't do justice to this performance. This is a work of immense beauty. Visual, Audio and although you may think it's digitally impossible smell and touch seem to enter into this enthralling performance.

SkyDancers float, dive and fly in ballet of, 'shape, color and location in space.' These SkyDancrs are synced to the sound. The visual stimulation is so pleasurable you will simply turn the lights off in your home and let yourself sink into this world DanCoyote has created. The music is by ZeroG and you must visit this site.

I'm not sure how many SkyDancers there were but I was able to find Buffy Beale, Anhinga Chaika, Angeliue Menoptra and Lina Lageos. Look at these women's profiles and you will find yourself drifting into the best of SecondLife as their groups, picks and abouts simply make you realize how gifted they are.

"Chance Operations," said DanCoyote when I tried to figure out how they moved so brilliantly across a set of dazzle and intensity. He explained like, "John Cage and Merce Cunningham." So this was choreographed but also allowed for lag by 'chance operations.' I am still unsure how this operates but I am sure it works since my eyes encompassed all the movements.

Movements telling a story in the form of "Peter and the Wolf" or "Fantasia" I would love to tell you the story of birth, growth, turbulence and death this SkyBallet unfolds but I think it would be better for you to see it yourself. I will tell you DanCoyote mentioned Leonard Bernstein's, "West Side Story" the 'conflict scene' where they sing "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet," as part of his choreography concept. "Peter and the Wolf" was part of the inspiration of the music telling the story as well. (each sound signifies a character so the Wolf has his own bar of music and you know the wolf is coming by sound as well as sight).

DanCoyote let me see the 'storybook' so I know how ZeroG's music coincides with the SkyDancers. Nothing in SecondLife compares to this. Oh, I am awed at the builds of Aley and Light. I am also aware of DanCoyote's visual studio in SL of his artwork. And of the many talented and gifted scripters and builders of SL. But nothing in SecondLife prepares you for this show. You should come early, read the notecard, set the preferences and wait to be swept off into a ThirdLife. There are shows all through February. Find DanCoyote Antonelli and I am sure you will find yourself back in a land in the future that you have always loved but never seen.

Oh, as to the amount of money. A couple of burgers. A couple of beers. A couple of coffees. Oh please, isn't beauty worth that much? And, for those of you really in a bind find a way. Go work a dance pole. Do some camping. And then go be enlightened and entertained.

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