Sunday, January 20, 2008

24 Hours

How overwhelmed can you be? I am sure you have all encountered a 24 hour period in SL at the end of you simply collapse.

For some of you it's probably spending numerous hours in photoshop creating textures, clothing and who knows what else for SL. For others it writing a script watching it fail, rewriting and reworking it. And of course during the 24 hours you also have a life in SL including IM's, TP's, promises made and appointments forgotten,

So, this is about my 24 hours. From Friday evening to Saturday evening.

It started quite nicely. Logged in and went looking around at a sim I wanted to see. Then crisis began. The Vday show I was working on (with many other volunteers) was coming to a crashing halt due to a technicality of our showing it in SL was considered 'broadcasting'. The rug was being pulled out from us. Over the next two hours the producers met and called for all volunteer meeting at 6pm SL time. But word leaked out and during those two hours of producer conversations I was getting and answering constant IM's (as were the others I am sure) [times listed below are not actual]

6pm - We meet and explain what the circumstance is. We are shut down and will be delisted a week from friday. Now for the next two hours input from our wonderful volunteers. Concepts, indignity, anger, laughter, tears all flowed into one sea of nearly exasperation. But, we were not about to allow this river to flow to a place called defeat.

8pm - Meeting had adjourned but the IM's from around SL had just begun to flow in. Our VDay group had managed to seep into nearly every crevice of SL before it had become a river. For the next hour we continued talking. And making sure no one tried to direct us to defeat. (i.e. some people were already positing our demise. I would ask them to please obits yet). By around 9pm we are dispersing with a plan. Although there are many plans laid out we have chosen one which we hope will wind the river to the theater of success.

10pm - I am alone with Rekka on the stage that has been under construction. I am looking at the beautiful theater Rekka built. The set Erlic has been building. Thinking of the 17 women Calliope is directing. And all the sponsors and volunteers involved to date. Rekka is wonderful. She is way she gives up on anything. After she hits me a few times in the head (and in between numerous IM's) I hear what she says and begin our fight back. This fight starts with an email to those who control the rights of the play part of the Vagina Monologues. Also to the producers.

Midnight - At the Oasis I go to bed

3am - Saturday - now I am devising plans. Also I am working on my script and routine. I have two shows today one at noon and the other confirmed at 6:30pm SL time (which of course during this period of craziness, even after confirmation, is really 3:30pm SL time.

Noon - I give my quick show at The Forum and then I am invited to see something Easy Babcock is working on (Sine Waves). I go and spend an hour of just fun. Then back to Vday and my 6:30 pm show.

2pm - I exit SL to eat, shower, relax and figure I don't need to be back until around 5pm SL time

3:10pm - I log back on because there is a message regarding the show from SLNN. They had heard the production was CLOSED. I need to get in-word quick and stop that from being published. I get in-world. I get IM's "when are you coming. Your show starts in 20 minutes". I have to IM SLNN that I will get back after the show but we are not closing the show yet.

3:30pm My comedy show goes on. Razzled, Frazzled and with a raspy sore throat I deliver for one hour my comedy. Nearly everyone at the show is a man. Most of my material poke fun at men. I am sure I will be a failure. I go on. When the show ends I am amazed. They all enjoyed it. Whew!

4pm - Back to SLNN and she contacts someone with Time Warner/HBO in world. WE are talking, I am explaining. OMG, this man wants to help. He gives me his email address and says he'll work on this monday and requests and email explaining everything and how we are doing the show etc.

5pm - Logged off, calling producers...none answer the phone. I go to make a quick dinner for myself. I feel elated since I am seeing a levy being built and feel we won't flow towards defeat. It will not be the 'eve of our destruction'.

6pm - ToryLynn calls we talk. She is going to get the letter written and we other 3 will read and approve. Meanwhile, Calliope has written a response to give in-world to the question about our disbanding. Everyone is helping now. Volunteers in our google group are coming up with ideas. Notecards in world are given with ideas. Ada calls I tell her the news etc.

7pm - Back in world, I've read Torylynn's letter, we are all adding little changes to it...finalizing it. Again the man from Time Warner/HBO asks another question (but he has logged off). They will need our real names and numbers. I contact the other producers. We agree. There is conversation about fighting the issue of this being a broadcast or just making nice to get the show on. We decide to 'let's make nice' and get the show on if possible. The issue of broadcast in the MetaVerse is for another day.

7:30pm - I am at a Pajama party......pillows, feathers....everyone laughing. Exhaustion takes over my body and I log off and go to sleep. Certain tomorrow will be just as fast and furious

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Bettina Tizzy said...

Oy! Add to this that 1 SL day = 4 RL hours or 3 hours daytime + 1 hour nightime. Divide 24 RL hours by 4 and you just described 8 days and nights in the metaverse, Lauren!