Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is it to be called Woman

Why the title? Well first as many of you know I have been working with a group to put on the production of the Virgina Monologues in accordance with VDay in SecondLife. After working on this project we found out VDay had never been asked for permission to perform nor could they have granted such because the global copywrite laws apply within our Metaverse and therefore we could not obtain the permissions needed. (More on this later).

So, we are now doing a play where the women of secondlife will explain what this means to them. This does not mean every actors story will be told but it does mean we as a society will be speaking in an original production about sexuality. It also implies the possibility that a secondlife woman who is not in firstlife will have her story told as well.

We are in full cooperation with VDay now. Since we are doing an original production we cannot calls ourselves VDay Event (since the term has specific meaning) However, we can call ourselves, In The Pink associated with VDay.

We need volunteers to help in adminstration. Also someone who would be willing to run the line reader during the show. This is a first in Secondlife in someways and an extension of the amazing talent our world embodies.

So, if you have a short (one page) story on "What it is to be a Woman" please send it ASAP to Calliope Delgado. If you would be willing to help with adminstration, public relations, linereader or any other area we would welcome you to drop a notecard on Calliope Delgado, ToryLynn Writer, Lauren Weyland.

Thank you.

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