Thursday, January 3, 2008

SecondLife Society

So what has happened to my life as I have assimilated into our digital civilization? There are so many aspects of change I am no longer the person I was before SecondLife.

An obvious change has been the decline in watching television. Television has become a boring 'push' world where SL is a two way highway of thought. Many friends have said the same thing about television so these next insights may or may not be shared by many of you.

I sometimes feel I need to almost hide my desire to be here from my friends in firstlife. As if for some reason they would think I was antisocial when in fact I am more social then ever. How do I explain to them all of you? A borderless, classless, without temporal limitations, highly intelligent society I am now a part of? Would they understand it or just think I've gone to cartoon land? And further why should I explain it at all? At times I try, and see their eyes cloud over as if I was Coleridge writing "Kubla Kahn" on some psychedelic acid trip they had long left in their youth.

I feel a bit like Jules Verne trying to explain to his acquaintances the idea of his book, "Journey to the Center of the Earth." And then imagine taking them on the trip Lauren has each day in our world? Forget the whole issue of gender, age and non-conformist behavior. Just try to explain the world that "NPIRL (Not Possible in Real Life). Web address it

The wonders of the mind of Alyes, Light Waves, DanCoyote and all the other artists in SL. Or that I attend concerts regularly with Heath or Moxy. Famous musicians in SL. And, ha try to explain my constant shopping for digital clothes that I am spending my money on. Oh yes, try all this and perhaps a wagon will come with some nice people in white suits.

So, our society is ours and I am beginning to believe I could not spend my life with another person in firstlife if they weren't a part of my secondlife. Think, can you imagine, those of you immersed like me, explaining to your partner that you'll be right with them in like........never.....because you won't leave SL.

I've often thought I should go to a shrink in firstlife and just talk about my secondlife. Nothing else. No other thoughts. Not even how I got to her office. Instead discussing my last tp or how nice it is to fly.

We live together in our world and we have a society that is open. I haven't noticed someone staring shamefully at another in SL because they couldn't afford an outfit at Last Call. Nor have I heard someone shout out, "TAXI".

Imagine explaining to your friends and how you may be talking with them one day and in mid sentence log off and they see you on for several days before you meet again and there is no friction. Now, I know there is plenty of drama in SecondLife. I am not ignoring that. Nor do I think it's any less dramatic then firstlife. And we can just as easily be misunderstood here as anywhere.

But why on earth would you be any place else?

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Rheta Shan said...

Thank you, Lauren, for putting it so neatly. My own experience of my second life's impact on my first life echos yours so closely it is eery. The only question that bugs me, at times, is : when our minds emigrate, where does it leave the part that can't follow :) ?