Saturday, February 2, 2008

25 Questions . What are the answers?


1. Why can't I sail from one sim to another? I can walk across sims. I can fly across sims.

2. Why doesn't SecondLife have a built in calendar?

3. What happens to great sims when they are closed? Do Lindens save them?

4. How far is up?

5. What is the deepest place in SecondLife

6. Who is the oldest non Linden?

7. What is the largest group?

8. How many men are there portraying women?

9. How many women are there portraying men?

10. How many furrys are there?

11. Where do furrys live?

12.If you can make an object take on attributes of wood, metal, glass, etc why can't you do it to water?

13. Is the SSKessell run still doable and is there a list of those who completed it?

14. Why is the ocean all the same color blue? Shouldn't there be different shades?

15. Who are the Mentors? How many different titles do they have?

16.Why are there calling cards?

17. Why can't I divvy my friends list into Friends, Acquaintances, Business Associates, Eraserables.

18. How many people met in SecondLife and then in FirstLife and are now married?

19. Who is considered the most powerful Non-Linden in SL?

20. Who are the five best builders? Where and when was their last and best build?

21. What are the five greatest scripts written and who wrote them?

22. Why are there only 25 groups?

23. What was the worst live show in SecondLife?

24. What questions did I forget to ask? (I am blonde!)

25. Why do I want to know these things?

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