Friday, January 18, 2008

Digital Destruction

It is disconcerting to have gone to a wonderful sim or even a tremendous build and go back one day and it is gone. There are plenty of bad builds, which although I don't mind when they disappear, still afford me a wonderful laugh and the worst of them are the funniest.

So, this blog is about, "What can we do to preserve wonderful works of art?" Not just builds but great scripts too. Shouldn't there be an annual event by us, the citizens, to award a trophy for 'best build', 'best script' etc.?

Shouldn't there be one sim given by the high lord Philip Linden, where those sims and builds could have digital moments of life (with owners permission..given at award ceremony)? We have 365 days in a year. I don't think there are 365 great builds yet. So each one could be rezzed for a day or more. (when over 365 we could go to 1/2 day)

Like the first Museum of OUR WORLD.

A notecard given out as to when this build first came into SecondLife and when it was poofed. (Sims and builds that have not been closed would not need to be rezzed here. But a notecard could be given out with landmark and Award and date of Award and perhaps saying Still Active. And those closed saying so.

I don't think this would be impossible nor expensive. It would entail ONE ISLAND with one Class 5 Server.

We have all enjoyed so much by some of the most wonderful builders such as Aley Arai (Privateer's) and Light Waves (Hallucinogens) which are both active. And those that are gone. We have gifted scripters such as Sine Waves various scripters.

Oh, I could go on. But what I am really getting at is we exist. Therefore we have a past, present and future and why should our past disappear so easily.

Love all of you for the kindness you extend to me. To those who enjoy my show. And to those who don't for still finding the time to at least come once and politely let me know it isn't their kind of comedy. I do get what could be called HATE IM's, blog comments and even emails. They are rare but I do feel a chip out of my heart even though I do delete and ignore them. But it is all of you who have made my life so much more wonderful in SL. See you In-World. May the farce be with you.


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