Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Soul of SecondLife

Well, you laugh, what the hell does she mean by, "the Soul of SecondLife"? Of course I'm talking about you. Yes you, the one reading this. You are the one who sends me a landmark saying I must go visit the sim Privateer. You are the reason I remain in SecondLife. You are the life I crave for when I'm not in-world and you are my love.

You are open, often filled with laughter even when some of you are extremely ill or in immense pain. You are the 'force' so to speak, although it sounds a bit hokey. But without you my brain would shrivel back down to a small percent being used.

Before there was voice there was your mind and the in the background the chitter chatter of type. (And whoever said, "hey, let's put in that chitter chatter sound it will be fun? Someone who owns an old Regal typewriter from 1943? I can see her pounding on her typewriter before there was a SecondLife thinking 'Eureka')

But back to you. You are each of those souls I've spent time with here and we are the family I've talked about in both "Civilization" and "Society" blogs. Sometimes you've been ridiculous and other times you've made me cry. Often you have done something wonderful. Like, who created these 'snow emitters'? I know you but I haven't met you yet.

And those who create things we buy and when I need help with that item you are the one who created it and you quickly help and we become friends. We talk about our inner selves. Who we are and how we feel. Deeper then the family of ours in firstlife. It is you I cannot explain to those in firstlife. Why? Because how could they understand a world filled with you without the need, the greed, the judgment of body or the amount of ownership.

So, to you, I wish you to know you have made a difference in the universe. No matter whether everyone see the ripples you've created they are there forever. Because the way I walk in firstlife is different now. The way I see people is more enlightened.

This is just a simple thank you blog. But I know each of you who read this have the YOU that have done the same. So take a moment......think of him or her, a group, the lives behind the keyboards, the minds behind the voices. Because, I am thinking of you.

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Branwen said...

You always know just the right words to say when it is needed the most. Thanks for always being there with a encouraging word and a sentiment that is so very encouraging. You are great HUGGLES you...Branwen