Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beneath the Covers - Part 2

Showtime - Ok, here is when my mouth goes dry. On my right side I have a small table with a glass of water, a towel and whatever else I deem necessary. I never drink alcohol before a show (but I will after sometimes). On the left of my computer is a stand to hold the typed out and folder bound improv jokes. There is also a tensor lamp hanging over the stand and is lighting the open folder.

Yes....sip of water.... sheet of paper with things to remember. Did I put the free t-shirt taker out? The tip jar? Do I have to remind the audience to turn on their mics and talk. Those with open mics keep off. Remember to tell the audience to tip the venue. Remember to ask the audience to join Lauren Live group. Remember to turn off AO after walking out and then turn on talk animation (I nearly always forget this). My name is being announced now. I turn my mic on.

Showtime - Well here is where you make it or not. this is so different then music. Music you play a song from beginning to end (sing if that is also). Audience is quiet and then applauds at the end. Comedy, you need to know when the audience is laughing so you punctuate that moment. You need to stay engaged with those who are talking to you, those who are typing in chat, those who are listening. You are live, no way to say thank you for tips as you tell jokes. Are they jokes? The audience likes you, you begin to ease into the show. It becomes friends together. Fun. Friends laughing. Joy. A smile crosses my face and I never want to let go.

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