Monday, December 17, 2007

Time To Think

Maybe you haven't really thought about it. Perhaps you don't celebrate the holidays of December. But generally, throughout the world, December is a month of either Festivity or religious intensity and perhaps it is both for many people.

So, remember to be more sensitive now to your friends. You may not know their non SL circumstances and how this time of the year is emotionally for them. Try to remember the pleasures you have brought each other and avoid the confrontations with others.

Smile, broadly. Love, sincerely. If you believe in giving gifts do so. Plenty of interesting shopping in SL. But if you give do not expect in return. If you receive, it is not expected you need to find something to be even. The joy here is not equalization of materialism but the expression of the love for one another.

There are so many commitments and struggles at this time in FirstLife let us all be joyous to our friends in SecondLife and considerate of those we don't know but who cross our path. you think I'm being to 'goody-two-shoes'. So what. It's better than 'bah humbug'. I will write another blog about this time of year and the New Year ahead. But today, this is just a reminder. We all need the love of others. We all desire the respect of others. We all deserve more then we have ever asked for. We are all more important then we have ever thought.

My love to all of you. May these next two weeks be filled with more joy then sorrow. All love and no hate. Opportunities for the future and not reflections of our past mistakes.

To any I have hurt in any way in the past, I ask your forgiveness and the kindness of your friendship as we go forward.

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