Saturday, December 22, 2007

Towards The End of Another Year

Those of you who know me have learned I live in a positive concept of the motion of our lives. This is not to say there aren't horrible negatives shooting through our minds and bodies along the way. However, complaining about the weather does not get me talking in agreement. Instead I will mention, 'the weather is not at fault but how you are dressed.'

So, today I would like to give to all of you these words from a Christmas Carol, "O, tidings of Comfort and Joy,'

For those of you at this time of Winter Solstice (and let us not forget this season has been celebrated since before Christ. Also, the Church did not celebrate the birth of Christ until over a 1,000 years after his time on earth. And there is much to that story too).

I have gone for a moment to Winter Solstice so that we may all share in those words above and not feel that only Christians are entitled to 'comfort and joy'. We, those who dwell on this earth are all related and one. Yet separated so we could all learn how to cook chicken differently. Thus keeping our lives from boredom.

Whether you are young or old. Man or Woman. Physically impaired. Mentally impaired. Caught in a physical world with a mind disconnected from the body you have. Wherever you live and whomever you are, I can only humbly hope your shelter is comfortable. I can only yearn your table has sustenance. And, I wish your clothes are appropriate for where you live.

Whether we have met or not I care about you. Oh, beware, when around me I poke fun at everyone and everything. Regardless, I take great comfort in SecondLife. And so many of you have brought me the joy of wanting 'you all' to be there when I find myself in eternity.

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy;
O tidings of comfort and joy.

See you all around soon. Don't forget I'm an attachment just like your Xcite products or your prim necklace.

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Ada said...

Buying another fur coat fixes all of this.