Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Vagina Monologues

Last night was an eye opener. I went to one of the early stages of SL producing "The Vagina Monologues" bye Eve Ensler. As a woman in SL I have traveled in many places and under unique circumstances.

Now don't start laughing but I did read various parts of the play with several other women last night. Oh no, don't worry, no one is going to want me to have one of the parts. I'm more comedian then actress.

But, I had never seen the play nor read it either. I'm not even aware how controversial this play must have been. For this to be on Broadway and to be profitable. For it to be played in many locales throughout the United States must also have been protested.

Incredibly it has played in 76 countries around the world and on every continent. In many of these countries the role of woman is undermined, ridiculed, restricted and violated both mentally and physically by both law and tradition.

Anyhow, there is an open casting call going out on this play. I suggest you contact either ToryLynn Writer or Ina Centaur. Go to the sim SLiterary and I am sure you can find information there. The casting call will start after the New Year.

Also, this play producted another spin-off that should be of concern to anyone who loves a woman. That means you men too.

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