Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve - Christmas Day

Last night over a dozen of us spent Christmas eve in world. We wore jammy's and some wrapped presents in firstlife for their families. Also we played Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare - the question which was answered the best was, "Describe a romantic fantasy you have?" This question elicited a twenty minute reply. It was extremely erotic but not....NOT....pornographic. Unbelievably described in detail. Everyone hung on each paragraph.

MissVelvet panted away as the story unfolded. Rekka was the author and she can type with heat. Whirligig sat silently (and we found out she was afk). Fortunately Inga had left just before this story and Derek hadn't come until after. ToryLynn looked like she was sweating. Callie did not have voice on......hmmmm....we wondered why? Liqueur simply sat clutching her Teddy bear and changed her outfit.

During the evening many people came and went including Logan, Sabine, Val, Lily, Allie, Lorena and a few I can't remember (sorry girls). Fortunately, Rekka left her mic on as she wrapped presents so the background had the joy of crinkling christmas paper being folded with wonderful Christmas music streaming in as we used Voice and text so all had fun.

So, now it's Christmas morning and the other day I was asked, "What do I think about the future of SL?" At first I answered I was worried from an economic viewpoint since without growth I wasn't sure what would happen. Over the past year several factors contributed to growth leveling off by September. (the end of casinos and age identification were the two most important factors).

But, after awhile, something else occurred to me. WE.....in SL.....are now a new civilization. This is the new world with us as pioneers. Oh, there were chat rooms before and some of us were aware of this. There is MySpace, Facebook, many of us communicate by blog. But, SL is completely different. It takes time, desire and commitment to make the journey from FirstLife to SecondLife. You must cross a sea of technological discovery which can take as much time to perfect as the trip to the New World of the 15th century.

So, as a new civilization, I would like to know what you think. Do you agree? How do we protect ourselves? Last, I would love to hear your own thoughts on this. Comments will be most appreciated.

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