Sunday, December 9, 2007

Beneath the Covers - Part One

What is it like to put together a comedy show and then perform in Secondlife?

Fun - gathering comedy within SecondLife is a joy. Whether someone is recounting an experience or I am just sim surfing. I may see something off beat and jot it down. Perhaps later, while out in first life, it will rearrange itself in my mind and I will again try to put a few key thoughts on paper. Scraps of paper pile up over the week by my computer in disarray. If a story is being told I will listen and scratch notes and at the end make a decision whether this would be funny.

Work - between shows I begin to pull of this together into what is usually around 7 pages of key words, ideas and eventually try to put them in a order for the show (often during the show I will ignore this order and skip around) This is printed out several times before a show finally has the right stuff.

Organization- Once these 7 pages are together and numbered I put them in a folder that has transparent sleeves. I learned this from ActUp. I have a tensor lamp and a stand to hold the folder for ease during the show. A day before the show I test the show by using the pages and my voice to present out loud what I think the show will be like. Most times I find I've created tongue twisters and other elements that need to be changed. So a final draft of the show is printed and inserted in the slots. (and this final draft has been changed as I get closer to showtime)

Preparation - I log on (if I can) 3 hours before showtime (since SL time is 3 hours earlier then my time but presenters have used my time instead and fortunately I've been there able to do a show). Because this has happened I generally change to my stage outfit between the night before and the 3 hours before. This getting dressed can take up to a half hour or more as i contemplate what to wear....the venue (btw I visit the venue several times between booking and the show so i am familiar with the Stage, test if I create a stage landmark will it let me land on stage or at a preset entry point). I will test the seats, stand on stage and see what view I may have. Find out where I can be while waiting to perform.

(to be continued)

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dikk said...

dikk dangr here Lauren aka baggz (;oÞ~~
Great piece am waiting for more Lauren. Guess I should finalize that sh0rt vid we did at FQ (french quarter) boot it up to blip. It's a ho0T!! Give ya something to talk about as you were explaining sometimes get material from just cruzzin around in second life (sl) anywhoooooo let er ripp :)