Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Morning

Just finished my article for NPIRL and my submission of a column LOL (Lauren on Love). Here is my submission (though I rarely submit).

LOL (Lauren on Love)
by Lauren Weyland

Love in SecondLife is often filled with emotional overload. In this short column, in the future, I will try to answer any questions you send to me about SecondLife love. It is best if you send them to my email address

For this first column I would like to discuss why we often feel 'unworthy' though we shouldn't.

The greatest challange to our spirit is a partner who cheats on us (gender doesn't matter since it is more one of dominant behavior). And although it is rare I get a feeling of 'unworthy' it happens to all of us. My friend came over and she cried such torrential downpour of tears my waterfall doubled in size. Why the tears? Because her man in SL had cheated on her. I asked her if she had ever cheated on him and she said 'yes'. Her tears still flowed.

So I asked her to think why wasn't her infidelity wrong and his was. She couldn't answer except to say his infidelity made her feel 'unworthy'. I use this example because the usual suspect is just one partner cheating, and not as in this case, to illustrate our feelings of unworthiness emanate from our misconception rather then from the circumstance. But, importantly, our feelings of unworthiness are groundless at all times. So never give in to the part of you as a bitchy girlfriend may blame you for something that is blameless.

If you desire to feel unworthy direct it at your poor selection of clothing. Cheap shoes. Too much makeup. But as a person you are worthy of more then you have ever asked for.


Anonymous said...
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Lady Sheridanne Kelley said...

Funny, one day I fell in love so hard I didn't know how to be happier & then I ran smack into "his previous lady" & it wasn't really all that much fun to be hold how I would be sorry for my decision.

What could she know anyway & I sought to avoid her at all costs even though before we "shared" him we had been friendly acquaintences. Eventually, however I came to love her in a new way.

One day, a new person approached me & told me this mutual friend thought I might be someone she could become friends with. And you know what I instantly liked Lauren (something rare for me).

And I always tried to talk with her when I saw her in world. I wasn't always faithful, but she knew I loved her like the special friend she was growing to be.

She remains someone very special, someone I look forward to being friends with for a very long time. However, I seem to get the better of this deal....Lauren is far more faithful than I am, but she is so kind anyway.

Take care dear Lauren, you have touched many hearts.

Hugs (a too-long, Sheridanne hug)