Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night

Life is both bitter and sweet tonight. The sweet is Hobo SL Forsythe Whitfield the best blues player in both SL and FL at this time in life. I am sitting here right now at the Hummingbird Cafe listening to talent. This is just amazing to listen to and tonight it caps the bitter with the blues.

His website is

I lost a dear friend last night. Said goodbye to me in her own way. You always know when you no longer matter to a friend. It's hard in SL because your soul feels so torn.

And then another friend had her heart wrenched so tight, blood dripped from her heart bursting from the pressure. She is such a sweet person. I won't mention her name but she knows if she reads this she has friends who love her.

With that was another sadness. A friend from awhile back who fell off my friends list for no longer responding to me was at a club I went to last night.

Losing friends is always hard. Doesn't matter if it's me who deletes them. They end the friendship by actions. Actions I always explain before I accept friendship. Such is SecondLife

But that is again sweetened by the woman sitting next to me. Hedda is more then both real and sl. More then just smart and sexy. She is a friend. She has a blog in French. It is a methodical and clinical point of view of SL.

Oh well, remember this......if you are getting good cock you don't need a ring. So cockrings are out this year.

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