Thursday, September 13, 2007


Okay everyone - last night was unbelievably exciting. I did my first show LIVE in SLVoice with the audience also in voice. It was a wonderful Cabaret setting. The place is called Timeless Spotlight. You should all check out what is happening there. It's a fun setting. Great mixture of guys and dolls.

I wore a DE Badlands outfit. The pants are so tight I couldn't believe it. Also one of my favorite hair stylists, Kin, did my hair. Over 40 people were there. Most I didn't know and they were all so wonderful. Kidded me, I kidded back. We all laughed. Their voices made the show so much fun. By the time it was over I felt like I do when I have a major hair orgasm.

Check out this blog. This is Moxie who helped me so much and Tao who took pixs
Tao Takashi took some amazing photos

I know some people really wonder what I am doing and why. In depth answers to this I am not about to give but I do know I love the fun I have. The ability to see the world differently. And the acceptence by so many you of my gig is mind boggling.

Thanking my friends (and all who come to my show are auto friends) is something I will do always. Laughter is a great way for us to share our first life world in second life. I think the show last night was a FIRST TIME EVER event.

I have worked hard to get ready for this show and was so nervous. It takes me about an hour to get ready before a show but yesterday I came nearly an hour and a half early. Throat dry. Standing. Waiting.

Timeless getting everyone seated. Moxie serving them Jack Daniels by the bottle. I'm standing behind the curtain anxiously seeing the crowd gather. Chatter at the tables. The lights began to dim. Timeless began talking about the new club and what they were trying to accomplish. My eyelashes fluttered from nerves. Timeless continued on having everyone check their applause and sounds. Lights on the stage started to come on. Timeless voice started getting louder and then I heard my name. "Let us all welcome Lauren Weyland"

I nearly peed but I managed to come out on stage, look around at this wonderful crowd. I felt the electricity. The crowd was in the mood. I was in the mood. And for the next 45 minutes we all had fun. Yes, better then a 'hair orgasm'

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Hedda Lundquist said...

wow wow wow congrats Lauren. Sorry I couldn't come in avatar. I was sleeping, dreaming ... I was there ..