Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Morning

So, what happening......last night I went and auditioned for a new club that will be opening later this month. This is going to be a great venue. A small intimate improv club. Also a stage is being erected on Cookie for future performances. For those of you who are interested in doing your own stand-up or would like to see if there is some other way you can contribute to comedy in SecondLife, please contact me either by IM in world or my email.

Amazingly SecondLife encompasses those from 18 to 81. And those of all proclivities including flying Dragons. And silliness on a scale of the absurd. What do I mean? Last night I was at a very creative showing of moving architecture at the sim Architecture. And what do I do? Put on roller skates. Now that is silliness on the magnitude of a quake.

BTW, where I live is open for all to wander and enjoy. There is nothing for sale there and it's a peaceful place to find me working in the garden. Wow, just realized I don't have the right clothing for gardening. Must look into that later.

Oh, please, please, please send me anything you find funny. Funniest moments like my furry friend Flux who said his wife came home the other evening (she's a furry too) and when she came to bed she started coughing up fur balls which were the wrong color. Flux was emotionally upset by this. Me, I just started laughing.

Another friend of mine divorced her SL husband and married his girlfriend. So I said I didn't know she was into other women. "Nope", was her reply "when my former husband found out his girlfriend was a guy he went ape and dumped her." My friend said she and the girlfriend commiserated over the whole episode (two ex's) and found they were in love and married. Only in Second Life can this happen.

And earlier last evening I was in a Sim. There was no one around me nor was anyone in active speakers but (hehe) two guys met up with this very loose woman and next thing you know I hear one of the guys ask her to show (you know what...don't think blog is XXX rated). Well, I listened in until she was naked. Her voice matched her intelligence.

The only thing I would like to remind all of you is that behind the keyboard is a soul. Please be aware of that and be kind to strangers (and completely outrageous with friends)

Someone remind me to tell about the night I went out with two girlfriends to a strip show and what we were wearing and what one friend got by putting 3,000L in his tip jar.