Saturday, September 22, 2007

So much is happening so fast I can't even write about it all. Sean Voss came up to me after my show last night (his FL name is Sean Percival) and asked if he could interview me for his new book (coming out at the end of the year

It's easier to just

And so today we did our interview and I may be in this book.

Also my friend Bettina asked me to write a short piece on my preg in SL.

And now I've been given a little column in VooDooPublications called LOL (Lauren on Love)

And a member of the press attended last night and is submitting a review of the show.

Oh and now on Thursdays at 7pm SL time I will host an open comedy hour.

I've got to go to bed but tmrw will blog about something I love about SecondLife. All of you.

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