Monday, September 17, 2007

The Monday After

The weekend has come and past with much SL activity. This is the first weekend I've taken off from either writing or performing my show. (Oh, forgot, also rehearssals with Act-Up for the Halloween show) Instead, I went shopping and dancing. It's amazing that you can spend hours searching for shoes or a costume and then eventually find it. I know not everyone enjoys shopping in SecondLife but to me it's the hunt for creativity

One night I had to quickly find a Victorian outfit with bonnet. Why? A wonderful contest for women. My friend Bettina is a part of NIRL (Not In Real Life -more on this is a moment.) She invited me to this event. Approximately 30 women attended and we were all watched by about ten gentlement smoking cigars. So with nets in hand and the joy of flight we scattered around Calliope catching butterflies.(Oh give me a break, you think I'm going to let on what was funny here. No way. You'll have to come see my next show.) Hundreds of them. But a few held special gifts. I managed to find two, one with a beautiful ring and the other with a matching right earring.

What is NIRL - Its a group formed to get together for events, builds, scripts and anything else (like my comedy act) that are not possible in real life. They also have a blog which will explain more fully. Amazingly I was asked to join this group. I've visited architectual displays and scripted wonders. Oh, and of course, catching Butterflies

Friday night I went dancing with a couple of my girlfriends. Callie and Allie. Yes, sounds like a great comedy team. I'll write more about friday (and make you laugh your ass off when I tell you about our exploits till 3am.) and the truly great sights and sounds of the club we danced all night at.

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